How to Make Money with Amazon Flex

The world’s single-largest online retailer, Amazon, also provides excellent opportunities for people to make money. Various options are available for everyone from students to senior citizens to make money either fulltime or during spare hours.

Amazon Flex is one such popular program from this online retail giant. Currently, Amazon Flex operates in USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, India, UK, Spain and Singapore.

Understanding Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a simple program. You deliver stuff on behalf of Amazon. And Amazon pays you for the effort. Amazon pays you on hourly basis. This means, the more you work, the higher your earnings.

For starters, Amazon pays you between $18 and $25 per hour for delivering packages to its customers under Amazon Flex program.

Secondly, you aren’t actually working for Amazon like other opportunities Amazon associates and Amazon Mechanical Turk. Instead, you’re working with Amazon. What’s the difference? When you join Amazon Flex, you’ll be an independent contractor with Amazon. You’ll be your own boss.

Thirdly, you can choose working hours. Amazon delivers almost round the clock, barring wee hours. Hence, the company gives you the choice for working hours. Furthermore, you get to decide the number of hours you’ll work daily. Hence, on some days you can work longer and on others, you can simply work for an hour or take the day off.

If this sounds interesting, here’s my step-by-step guide on how to make money with Amazon Flex.

Getting Started with Amazon Flex

First, it’s important to know locations where Amazon Flex program is available. Currently, Amazon Flex is available for residents of Akron, Youngstown and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, Columbia, SC, Port St. Lucie and Vero Beach, FL as well as Yonkers, Bronx and White Plains in NY.

Just in case you aren’t residing in any of these cities, simply join the Interest List. This list consists of cities where Amazon may consider offering Amazon Flex program or hire you during peak festive seasons when more delivery agents are necessary.

Online Registration

Visit the Amazon Flex home page and click on the ‘Get Started’ link. Select the city where Amazon Flex program is now available or click on the Interest List. You’ll be now led to simple questions to ensure that you’re above 21 years of age, own a car and the type of mobile handset you’ll use for the Amazon Flex app.

A couple of questions relating to the type of phone and its operating systems will also appear. Next are questions about your driving license.

Download Amazon Flex App

Upon successfully answering all these questions, you’ll have to download the Amazon Flex app. This app is your gateway to make money with Amazon Flex. The app has various features. It allows you to select the point from where you’ll pick up packages for delivery, bid for delivery slots and post comments if a delivery is delayed for any reason.

The Amazon Flex app automatically records every delivery and the time you’ll be working. Hence, you’re can expect to get paid as per the type of delivery, distance and other details.

Tips to Make More Money

Amazon will pay the rate of $18 to $25 per hour only. And that includes expenses you’ll incur on fuel as well as your own effort. Hence, here’re some tips that can help you make more money on Amazon Flex.

Firstly, choose delivery timings that are relatively in lower demand. And bid for as many delivery timings as you can. Of you work four hours daily, it’s possible to make up to $100 per day or whopping $3,000 per year at the rate of $25 per hour. Also read useful Amazon hacks. Sometimes, these hacks can prove very useful to make more money with Flex.

Furthermore, look for areas that have higher delivery density. Meaning, delivery addresses are close by. Hence, you save a lot of time, gasoline and effort. And you can get more delivery schedules.

Comply with Rules

Amazon has some very strict rules for its Amazon Flex partners. All undelivered packages have to be returned at the end of your day’s schedule to the pick-up point. Also, you may have to accept payments for the deliveries. You’ll have to give a proper account for every delivery and payment.

Read rule and regulations for Amazon Flex partners carefully on the app. failing to comply with rules can disqualify your membership. And you stand to lose all the hard earned money from Amazon Flex.

In Conclusion

It’s fairly easy and simple to make money with Amazon Flex. Almost anyone with free time and a vehicle with good driving record qualifies to join the program. In fact, hundreds of people are joining as Amazon Flex partners to earn their livelihood while others are working as side gig. As you’ll see, the tasks are very simple. And the pay makes it worth your while.


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