5 Facts for HTML5 Development Browsing Push To The Next Generation

Being a contemporary and also the most powerful set of technologies, HTML5 could be a nice resolution for mobile developers and web developers because of its extraordinary functionalities. On the web, you\’d realize numerous brands like Google, Apple and a lot of, that are abundant fascinated by this new technology.

Mobile developers also are fascinated by HTML5 technology to expand extremely interactive and inventive applications. However, this new and advanced technology has replaced numerous web technologies and brings one combined platform to browsers all over.

It is also expected that HTML5 will push browsing to the next generation as various people worldwide prefer this technology. Apart from this, it is also expected that it will also affect many industries and expand their capabilities to provide users an ultimate experience. Have a look on different industries that will get good impact of this new tech:

Mobile Browsing


In this above given graph, you can see that the mobile internet users are increasing day-by-day. Most of the people are using mobile phones to browse different websites and other important stuff. However, it is also expected that the number of mobile internet users will increase by 30% as compare to current ratio. Mobile browsing is on high demand because of its ease, flexibility and user-friendly experience that every mobile phone users can get.

Now, it becomes easily possible for business owners to get such websites that also support with different mobile screens and mobile browsers. All those websites that are developed by HTML5 support will easily open in different mobile browsers.

Business owners can easily get a fully functional website with HTML5 that can be used from mobile phones as well without formatting any layout of website. Professionals can also customize their site for mobile browsers using Meta tags, which contains view port with zoom, icons for UI of mobile OSes.

Apps Scenario


When it comes to mobile applications, HTML5 is playing an incredible role in developing cross platform mobile applications that can be used in different mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Bada, Symbian and more. Before, native wrappers were used to develop applications on other native platforms. But HTML5 solves this problem as it allows developers to expand wonderful cross-platform applications without any difficulty.

To get a complete idea about app scenario, you can see above mention picture and get complete idea that HTML5 mobile web has grasped the attention of various people worldwide.

Today, you would also find that various companies like Samsung, Intel and more are backed Tizen, a new and powerful HTML focuses platform. Apart from these, various new Oses like BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8 introduced a new HTML and JavaScript model for application development.

WordPress Frameworks



HTML5 has both desktop as well as mobile presence, so this technology is going to exert a major influence on existing areas of development such as WordPress themes. This new and powerful technology offers code cleaner markup functionality that makes it the most popular trend in the WordPress themes.

In this given graph, you can see that yearly the demand for HTML5 based WordPress frameworks is increasing as HTML5 is a great technology that serves numerous benefits. Various people also expect that most of the WordPress theme frameworks will adopt HTML5 technology.

Mobile Gaming


It is also expected that large numbers of game producers will adopt HTML5 technology because of its better features. You would find various game producers, who are moving away from flash that ruling the market from past several years. As compare to flash, this new advanced technology offers lots of benefits as it doesn’t require any kind of plugins.

You can easily imagine the growth of mobile gaming industry by looking in the above given graph. The graph shows that every year the demand for mobile gaming is augmenting, so HTML5 is an excellent web technology that helps developers to develop thrilling games.

The major benefit of HTML5 is, it is a free open standard; therefore, developers can expand highly interact games that can be played online using smart-phones, tablets and computers. In short, we can say that the future of HTML5 looks bright as each day various new and dynamic HTML5 based games are introduced in the market.

Responsive Web Design




By looking in the above given graph, you can imagine the growth of responsive web design, which is increasing day-by-day. Today, most of the people prefer to search websites, products and services from their smart-phones. However, there are also those people, who are still using PCs to find any website.

Today, developers do not have any choice except expanding websites and applications using HTML5 so that it also runs in different devices without any hassle. In near future, we can expect a lot of increment in the demand of responsive web design websites that can be easily developed using HTML5 technology.

So, these are some of the popular industries that will get good impact of HTML technology as it will surely expand and extract various benefits.

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