20 Creative and Funny Lego Ads

Legos are the most popular building toys on the planet, and for good reason. As the years have gone by, the era of simple blocks has changed into a compendium of pop culture references and blockbuster films. Here are twenty of the best, most creative, and downright hilarious Lego ads.

1. Darth Vader and Princess Leia having BBQ and getting some sun.

2. Han Solo and Chewbacca playing fetch.

3.Luke Skywalker has an accident with his lightsaber as Obi-wan looks on.

4. Stormtroopers graffiti a wall as Darth Vader walks by.

5. Princess Leia and anEwok hold hands as Han Solo looks sad.

6. Lego PlayStation controllerv

7. A child’s shadow towers over NASA rocket launch

8.A child’s shadow towers over a village

9.A periscope peeks out of a blue Lego sea

10. Lego people gather at the Brandenburg Gate

11. One man stops tanks

12. Lego Mohammad Ali boxing victory

13. Legos ink blot test

14. Legos as food on a plate

15. Lego bench press

16. Fifties boy shows parents Lego calculator

17. Sixties girl shows parents Lego Compact Fluorescent Light

18. Eighties boy shows parents Lego wind turbines

19. Lego men steal computer mouse

20. Lego Stonehenge

Lego’s story is one of sheer creativity. A simple collection of blocks can be turned into anything you can imagine. These ads make me want to buy a big bucket and get to work… as long as I’ve got my camera handy.

All photos are the property of Lego.

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