Local SEO Tactics to Implement in 2018

Have you recently looked at your SEO efforts and noticed that you’re not meeting your expectations? Many webmasters look forward to evaluating their marketing campaigns to see what strategies to stick to and what to throw in the back burner. The thing is, things haven’t changed much at all, particularly when it comes to local SEO services. The best thing to do is to master the basics and does everything correctly from the get-go. The following are some useful tips to kick-start your local SEO campaign in 2018.

Update Your Business Information in Different Online Portals

If you put all your focus in optimizing your website, then you are not being very efficient at utilizing the various online platforms on which your business appears. A good example of this is online business directories. You might think that these websites are no longer used by consumers, but they still get a huge amount of daily traffic. Many online users turn to these directories to look for businesses near their area.

These websites usually gather information on their own, which explains why they might get outdated. It’s a prudent move to check different online business directories to check whether they contain the correct information regarding your business. This simple move can mean a significant improvement in your lead generation strategy. And while you’re at it, check your various online properties as well including your social media profiles and review websites.

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Be Sure You Are Listed On Google

If you still aren’t listed on Google, then you are definitely losing out to your competitors. The good news is that Google has made it easier than ever to have your business listed on their search engine. They now offer a tool called My Business in which you can control all the information about your business from a single account. You no longer have to log in to different Google platforms just to synchronize your content. This simple tip can be just what you need to up your local SEO marketing strategy.

Push Down Negative Reviews

Did you know that consumers view reviews with the same credibility as personal recommendations? So if your business has plenty of negative reviews, you can bet that your potential customers would get turned off. It’s important to ensure that negative reviews wouldn’t get seen on the results pages. How to do this? It’s pretty simple: Create new online properties and rank them or boost the rankings of existing ones. Online reputation management should be an important part of your local SEO services. Of course, it’s important to offer quality products or services so you wouldn’t get negative reviews from your customers.

Build Quality Links

It should come as no surprise that links are extremely important when using local SEO services. Links are one of the most important ranking factors. Keep in mind that quantity beats quality every single time, so try to reach out to relevant websites and do guest posts. Also be sure to link to the main website from your other online properties.

These are just a few local SEO tactics that will prove to be effective this 2018. Remember that consistency is key. Once you master the basics, you should be well on your way to dominating the competition and ranking for the most relevant keywords for your business.


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