Seo: Career Prospects You Should Know About

To many, having to choose a career path can be daunting. And with the technological milestones we are making, comes with a significant number of new opportunities. Depending on your passion, abilities, preferences, and perceptions, you can now choose a path.

In 2015 alone, a HubShout survey on Online Marketing Trends showed that SEO or Search Engine Optimization was the most in-demand service to about 67% of small-to-medium sized businesses.

Over the years, there has and will continue to be an increase in internet-driven businesses, which in turn translates to a profitable and promising career in SEO. It is something you could think about in your search for capstone writing services.


Back to The Basics

It isn’t uncommon for people to get blank stares when they say they work in SEO. So, what is it? It is both a science and an art, where one optimizes a webpage, to make it easier for the pages to be found by the different search engines, e.g., Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

It increases your online visibility to your target audience. The science part of SEO is when you have to deal with the technicalities of a website, like information architecture, codes, etc. It is a growing industry that continually changes.

In any serious digital marketing strategy, SEO is an essential part of it. It involves tailoring your blog posts and pages, defining keywords with high traffic, hustling for backlinks, exposure on social media, selecting a target topic, among other things.

It is becoming more challenging to target high volume keywords directly. And it becomes a long tail strategy for starters.

Future of SEO Industry

You have probably heard the sentiments that “SEO is dead,” maybe as you worked on your capstone proposal. But, is it? Since Google has dominated the search engine market, most SEO strategies have been fashioned to please their algorithms.

And as the algorithms get more advanced than before; SEO involves more than simply stuffing pages, with relevant keywords, the way some used to do. It implies that for professionals, the SEO task is going to grow. And as a search engine optimizer, you will have to dig deep into the interests of your audience.

Below are the trends of SEO:

  • Prioritizing User Experience

Once SEO was considered a profile for the IT department, but SEO is art at its core. The algorithms used by Google focus on improving the experience of users. And if you take care of the needs of the user’s, you will rank higher.

To catch the interest of a user, you have to know what they are looking for, and possibly, in that instance. You have to be ready to provide a solution to a user when they search. Also, pay attention to the readability of your content, it has an impact on its engagement factor.

Your content may be pushed down in the result pages of a search if it doesn’t hold the user’s interest.

We live in a mobile-first world. And today, Google creates two indexes for search queries. With mobile being the primary index. It is so because mobile has become our dominant device and it could be what you are using for the search for capstone technology.

It’s not enough for a site to look good on mobile; it also has to load fast. Google shows that more than half of the people leave a website when it fails to load in about 3 seconds. And you could be one of them, because I know I am a victim too.

Though AMP may not be a ranking signal, it still affects your website performance and searches. In that, AMP content often features prominently above organic listings, in mobile search.

  • AI and SERPS

As an SEO professional, you are aware that RankBrain is among the top search ranking factors by Google. Though, many may not understand how it works. As machines understand the content and learn patterns, it will cause results to be more accurate. Who doesn’t want that?

Artificial intelligence will handle and monitor search results. It calls for creating user-friendly content and staying away from keyword stuffing.

Career in SEO

You have read the basics and prospects of SEO, in the future. In your heart, you feel like this is the industry made just for you. How then do you stand out from the other formidable competitors?

First, you need to realize that getting a degree in Digital Marketing, isn’t enough. Here are some of the aspects that hiring managers consider:

  • Skill Set: do you know the basics of SEO? You don’t have to limit yourself to a specific skill set. Employers are looking for individuals who can provide a range of services. Learn about coding with HTML, improve your writing skills, and familiarize yourself with analytics.
  • Certifications: nowadays, there are numerous legit and viable classes and courses for SEO practitioners. And Google certifications are a plus, as it is the number one search engine that many users rely on for their search needs.
  • Curiosity: SEO is a dynamic field and needs individuals who are willing to learn, fueled by their interest. It is crucial for you to keep up with the changes.
Parting Shot

Some say that the new SEO is content marketing. All in all, SEO is still the dominant Title preference and is on the upward trend. Also, you have to note that, within the role of a broader scope, SEO is becoming more of a skill and less of a job title.

Though employers may use different titles, e.g., growth hacking, inbound marketing, website optimization, etc., the duties of these roles often overlap with that of the traditional SEO role. It is now more critical than ever to understand the field of online marketing from other sources.

The educational system may not be able to keep up with the changing tactics in the industry. It may be intimidating at first, but the field of SEO allows the professionals to grow and learn at the same pace as their passion.


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