6 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid on Facebook

Good branding and sensible marketing strategies, especially on Facebook, can take your business to a new height of prosperity. It’s just that everybody wants to reap its benefits nowadays but very few actually know how it’s done effectively. It can especially be beneficial for the small business owners but mostly, they just slack off and don’t give enough importance to social media promotions.

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Well, today we are going to discuss the common mistakes one should avoid in order to excel in the social media marketing field.

1. Not Creating An Official Fan Page For Your Business

If you are one of those new entrepreneurs who have never used anything other than a personal profile on Facebook and still consider themselves tech-savvy, we have sad news for you. Using your personal profile as your business profile is the worst social media marketing mistake you could ever commit. If you can’t handle the extra work of creating and maintaining a social media page, hire someone to manage the social media marketing (SMM) and optimization (SMO) for you. Otherwise, one needs to be vigilant about their brand image and what message their brand page sends out to the world. If you unknowingly created a personal profile, Facebook has an option to migrate it to create an official Business page for your company.

2. Filling The Fan Page With Corporate Content Only

The aim of creating Facebook Business Page is to connect with your customers on a personal level while leaving an impression of your brand on their minds. Some people take it the other way round and use it to broadcast their corporate information only and not to interact with their fans or customers. Creating useful and relevant conversations on your Facebook brand page will not only keep it alive but also help in its global recognition. If you keep on posting stuff that doesn’t generate discussion then Facebook will eventually stop showing it into your customers’ newsfeed, and we have all heard what they say about being out of sight and out of mind, right?

3. Ignoring Facebook Analytics

Even if you don’t get professional help for your brand recognition on Facebook, there is a lot of material to help you devise an excellent social media marketing strategy. There are various social media analytics websites and blogs which you can follow to get the right idea of things. Moreover, one of the best things about creating a business page is the free analytics you receive. This provides you with valuable information regarding the things that people like on your page, participate in, and talk about. You can then use this data for your own benchmarking, knowing exactly what your audience wants and how best to reach them.

4. Not Customizing the Cover Photo and Avatar

Customizing the cover photo and the avatar is just as important as it is to creating an official Facebook fan page for your business. Your cover photo represents what the company is all about, what it has to offer, and what the audience should expect to find out in the rest of the page. On the other hand, your display picture, imprints the branding in the minds of your customers so they can instantly recognize your posts among hundreds of others in their newsfeed and/or anywhere else. The photos should be catchy and the message should be uncomplicated enough to create a long-lasting effect on the psyche of general public.

5. Not Responding to Your Fans and Visitors

When people start visiting your page and reading your posts, it’s high time to take their social media experience a step further and engage them into interesting meaningful discussions on your page. But customers will not send you their opinion or suggestions just like that unless they see a positive response from you. They need to know how much their efforts are appreciated or they wouldn’t even try. The best way to go about it is, of course, by personally getting involved in their discussions, replying to the comments or messages in a timely manner and keeping the page spam free for a great user experience.


These are obviously not all the mistakes there are to commit and we can all relate to this subject because of the extensive user experience one has of such Facebook brand pages. Therefore, we look forward to seeing what our readers have to share about this. Feel free to drop your ideas and suggestions in the comments section below.

Noel Gill

A Social Media expert; currently running his own site socialdon.com where he writes about social media analytics, marketing, statistics, and the overall role it plays in our everyday lives.

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