Why You Need to Pay Attention to Your Company’s Online Presence

When you think of online marketing, or web content that focuses on SEO, maybe you think of high-tech companies with young, tech-savvy clientele. Maybe you think that techniques like SEO and online ad placement don’t have any role in your own company. Maybe you think that, since your company was around before the internet boomed, you can keep growing just as you always have, without the help of tech-centric methods.

The reality, though, is that the world is changing to rely almost entirely on the internet. You may think that social media accounts for veterinarians in New England, or SEO for dentists in Canada, isn’t important. But even though it may seem a world away from the on-the-ground work your company does, the truth is that your online presence can make all the difference in how your business grows and develops.

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Attracting new clients

Perhaps the most obvious way that an effective online presence can help your company is by attracting new clients. A large majority of people nowadays use the internet as the first avenue to finding new companies to work with. If they need a haircut, they’ll check online. If they need an account, they’ll check online. If they need a concert ticket, they’ll check online.

So, just by keeping your website and your social media accounts up-to-date and accessible, you’re giving your company a chance to be among the search results the next time a potential client Googles your industry.

Although referrals from past clients can also bring new clients into your neighborhood, those potential clients are much more likely to follow through if they find a professional website as well. A recommendation or a word-of-mouth review can go a long way, but it will go even further if your online presence confirms your professionality and expertise.

Keeping in touch with past clients

Bringing in new clients is critical, but so is maintaining positive relationships with past clients. Social media especially, but a functional website as well, helps you keep in touch with past clients. Regular and tasteful posting helps keep you on your clients’ minds, so that they’ll think of you immediately the next time they’re looking for services that your company provides.

An effective online presence also gives your past clients a chance to interact with you. They can leave you feedback to let you (and the rest of the internet) know if they had an excellent experience. They can also give you feedback to let you know about areas where you could improve your service. Although this feedback may be more difficult to read, it gives you a chance to improve your business and to become even better in the future.

Understanding the climate and market

Perhaps the most overlooked benefit of an effective online presence is that it allows you to gauge how your industry’s climate and market is changing. This gives you a chance to modify your company’s operations to fit with the market shifts, and to keep ahead of any dry spells you might see on the horizon of your industry.

With a strong online presence, your entire company is strengthened right across the board. Even if your business is already doing well, social media and SEO can be leveraged to make your customer service even better, and to make those profit margins even larger.


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