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In the hyper competitive PSD to HTML market where hundreds of companies compete to grab their pie of market share and a number of freelancers who are already making good income in the field, establishing yourself as a well-known brand and keeping the growth rate move northwards itself  is a big challenge. SEO-Semantic-XHTML is one such company which has carved a niche for itself in the industry and is considered one among the major service providers.

I have read a lot about them on internet and heard too from some of my known sources in the industry, but I was quite a bit excited when I got the opportunity to interview Kavin Paulson from the marketing team of IPraxa, the parent company and SEO-Semantic-XHTML, a specialized division of the parent company.


Skyje (Ayman): Kavin, Thank you so much for taking time for this interview besides your busy schedule and We are glad to feature you on Skyje.  Kavin, can you tell us about SEO-Semantic-XHTML? What does the company do?

Kavin Paulson: Well Ayman, first of all, I would like to thank you for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to discuss about our company with you and share with your readers and people in your network. SEO-Semantic-XHTML is a specialized division of IPraxa, a full service web Agency. SEO-Semantic-XHTML offers High quality PSD to HTML/XHTML Conversion service and Third party Integration services like wordpress, Joomla, Drupal , Magento integration and ecommerce solutions as well.

Skyje (Ayman): Where are you located and what is your staff strength?

Kavin Paulson: we are based in California, United States and have a branch office in New Delhi, India and we have 70+ staff members.

Skyje (Ayman): Can you explain your work process and your core competencies?

Kavin Paulson: The process starts once a customer contacts us for placing an order. Customer can either contact us through one of our modes of communication and one of our account managers would assist him/her regarding the service or clear doubts or alternatively when the customer places order and uploads the design files, We send a confirmation mail and ask for any additional details if required or any doubts regarding the order that need to be clarified.

The project is handed over to one of our experts, who would analyze the project, and depending on the magnitude of the order and complexity of the task we would give the client a time frame to deliver the project, we deliver a PSD to HTML converted homepage in 8 business hours usually, after the project analysis, the conversion process starts which is done by a team of experts specialized in PSD to HTML conversion and we also do third party integration and provide various ecommerce solutions as per client requirements. Finally, the project goes to the Quality team, Once QA team clears the project, it is delivered to client.

Skyje (Ayman): Interesting! Tell us about your clients, I know you have worked for some big brands like Sony pictures, Columbia Pictures etc.

Kavin Paulson: yeah, we are really proud of our prestigious clientele list which includes global brands like Sony Pictures, Hollywood Records, Columbia Pictures, Walt Disney, Best of the Web, Farmers, British Columbia Institute of technology and the list continues… most importantly as per our records 94% of our clients come back to us for their next project.

Skyje (Ayman): That’s really great! What sets you apart from your competitors? Okay let me put it this way, what is/are your competitive advantage(s)?

Kavin Paulson: well, we score better in various parameters like we provide our clients the combination of Quick Turnaround time, reasonable price without any compromise on the quality of work (we have a money back guarantee policy too) and an excellent customer support.   The all in one Package that we offer to our clients is our strength.

Skyje (Ayman): A good customer support is vital for any business today. How good is your customer support?

Kavin Paulson: We provide 24*7 Customer support to our clients, through various modes of communication like email, Phone, live chat, Request a call and live look (online meeting), an innovative way of customer support where the client can share his screen with us and can discuss with us about his project and issues live. A Common complaint usually service providers receive from clients  is that their attempts to call the company often end up in voice mail, but, we have been successful in this area right from the beginning, SEO-Semantic-XHTML answers each and every call.  We also provide 10 days after sales support, to address clients’ after delivery queries, requirements or issues.

Skyje (Ayman): Any special privileges that you have done for your clients or continue to do so which normally companies don’t?

Kavin Paulson: yes, one thing I would like to say.  Our clients when required are allowed to directly talk with the developers, to exactly explain them their requirements; through this the communication gap is eliminated. We mostly allow for complex projects which require proper inputs from the clients.

Skyje (Ayman): What do you consider as an achievement by the company till now?

Kavin Paulson: The Company has come a long way, we have a combined experience of 11 years and worked for 600+ clients, including some recognized brands as I said earlier and we have converted thousands of pages using standard compliant HTML/XHTML and css.

Skyje (Ayman): where do you see your company five years from now?

Kavin Paulson: We strongly believe in team work and continuous improvements in our process and support. Five years down the line we would steadily continue to grow by serving our clients with our Quality of work, service and support. We would like to be known for our innovation and experiments, for example we introduced iPad testing service months back and currently we are the only company providing this service and recently we added Live-Look technology to our site, as discussed earlier the client can share his screen with us and discuss about the project live.

Skyje (Ayman): Last question, tell us briefly about your work culture?

Kavin Paulson: The Company believes in employees taking self-responsibilities and voluntary commitment, encourages setting their own targets and working accordingly. The qualities are shared by our Top Leadership, senior level employees as well as juniors. We commit and work hard voluntarily and our seniors share a great rapport with their sub-ordinates. We work with commitment at the same time have a lot of fun as well.

Skyje (Ayman): inspiring, thanks to you Kavin Paulson and SEO-Semantic-XHTML for the interview, it was nice talking to you and interesting to know about your company.

Kavin Paulson: Thanks Ayman.

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SEO semantic XHTML at: Facebook & Twitter

Ipraxa at: Facebook & Twitter


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