The Dos and Don’ts of 3D Printing

3D printing is fun, exciting and full of opportunities; which are why it is no wonder why more and more people are choosing to buy 3D Printer for their private or business use. If you have purchased a 3D printer kit UK or a standard 3D printer UK, then you’ll definitely want to consider the following common dos and don’ts of using 3D printers.

3d printing

Do: Consider budget options

When you decide to buy 3D printer, you don’t need to drain your bank account! There are many budget friendly options that will allow you to get a 3D printer UK for a fraction of the cost you might expect. You can even find 3D Printer models that are in the $200-400 range, depending on what you need and your expectations for a printer.

Don’t: Try to use the printer without carefully reading the instructions

Right after you buy 3D printer and receive it at home, it can be very tempting to rip open the box and try to start printing right away. However, you must carefully read the instruction manual before you so much as plug the machine in. The reason for this is that 3D printers are complex pieces of machinery, not toys, and you need to know how to properly—and safely—use one before you begin printing.

Do: Make sure you watch the 3D printing process until you are sure the job is getting done right

It’s important that you keep an eye on the 3D printing process so that you can make sure things are going as smoothly as possible. If you don’t watch the 3d printing process, you might miss errors in your design that will cause you to waste precious material on a defective product; the other hand, when you watch the printing process, you can stop it midway through, thus saving material, if you spot errors.

Don’t: Assume the printer was calibrated properly

When you receive your 3D Printer, you shouldn’t assume that it has been properly calibrated. The “factory” setting calibration can be completely off, so make sure that you read up on how to calibrate your machine and get things working smoothly.

Do: Be creative with your designs

One of the great things about a 3D printer UK is that you can be as creative as you want to be with your designs. You can experiment with all sorts of sizes, shapes, colors and even textures! Be as creative as you want to be when it comes to using your 3D printer.

Don’t: Use the wrong technology settings

Every material that you use for your 3D printer needs a certain technology setting; read the manual, learn it, and definitely don’t forget it! You can save yourself time and money by avoiding costly mistakes such as using the wrong technology for certain materials.

Final Thoughts

If you have made the decision to buy 3D printer for your home, remember to keep the above dos and don’ts in mind. They will help you navigate the complex yet exciting world of 3D printing.


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