5 Tips to Help Marketing Students Prepare for Graduation

One of the most popular majors in college is marketing.  Although there are many marketing students, there are also a number of different marketing related jobs.  The key to securing one of these jobs lies in preparing yourself before you graduation.  This will help you be more appealing to prospective companies.  The following 5 tips can help you as you approach graduation.


1 – Perform Well in Your Internship

Hopefully you are planning on securing marketing internships to help you gain on-the-job experience prior to graduation.  These internships help build your resume and allow you to look more hirable.  However, it is not enough to simply do an internship.  Instead you need to perform it to the best of your abilities.  Here are a few suggestions to help you excel:

  • Arrive early each day.
  • Proactively seek out work assignments.
  • Build relationships with the management.
  • Perform each task with efficiency.
  • Do not waste time.
  • Avoid the Internet and your phone.

Keep in mind, when you perform well, you have a better chance of securing a permanent job with the company in the future.

2 – Learn to Survive in a Fast Paced Environment

Next, marketing jobs tend to be fast paced in nature.  You will constantly be working to meet deadlines.  In addition, you will probably be juggling multiple responsibilities at one time.  For example, you could be required to help with an email marketing campaign, work on the social media updates, and determine the product names for the upcoming launch.  All of this might be a priority.  Therefore, if you cannot think quickly and work fast, you might struggle in your job.

3 – Network Now

Furthermore, a lot of success in marketing is about whom you know.  Therefore, it is smart to start networking now.  Build your connections so you have people to rely on.  You can do this through online websites.  In addition, you can join clubs at your school that will allow you to get to know other students that could help you in the future.  It might also be beneficial to attend meetings for various business organizations.

4 – Learn to Think on Your Feet

Although you can learn a lot of skills in the classroom, some things cannot be taught.   One of them is the ability to think on your feet.  However, you can work at this.  When you are in situations, try to develop better problem solving skills.  If you can develop the ability to offer solutions quickly, you will be able to rise to the top of your career quickly.

5 – Don’t Burn Bridges

Finally, make sure to never burn bridges.  This is especially important as you are interviewing for internships and jobs.  Obviously it can be frustrating to get let down from time to time.  However, be gracious and thank them for the opportunity.  You never know when they might give you a second chance or recommend you to another company.  If you lose your temper or get mad, you will miss out on any possibility of future connections.

Hopefully you can use these 5 tips to help you prepare for the best possible future when you graduate with your marketing degree.

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