5 Tips to Market Your Facebook Page

There are a lot of different marketing tips and tricks you can do to ensure that people find your Facebook page and many brands are enjoying ample success by promoting their brand on the network.

So, how do you go about marketing your new Facebook page? There are five quick and easy methods you can employ listed below. But before you attempt any of them, heed this warning: Your ducks have to be in a row before you start driving traffic to your page. Make sure your intake system is set up, make sure your brand image is defined, and make sure your Facebook page is attractive, streamlined and functional, with enough quality content to keep people interested.


Effective Tips to Help Increase Your Marketing Efforts

Make Yourself Noticeable

The first step in promoting your Facebook page is to make sure that it’s visible to people. How are people going to know about your page unless they can find it? Part of what it takes to become noticeable is to play strongly to a niche. You don’t want to be wishy-washy on what you’re presenting to the public. You want a defined area to target, and you want to hit it with a full head of steam. If you’re targeting niche X, for example, you want content that’s geared directly toward niche X. That means keywords, tags, verbiage, brand leanings, etc. That’s just with your content. Being “visible” also means adding Facebook buttons to your other pages and reminding people in your content that they can find you on Facebook.

Share the Fact that You’re Using Facebook

Again, people aren’t going to know that you’re using Facebook unless you tell them. A great way to get free promotion when getting started is to let your friends and family know. Almost everyone has a Facebook page out there, and most people do have rather thorough networks of friends. Now, this is different than a customer base, obviously, but having your friend promote your new page to his or her friends may create a chain that leads to some initial followers of your new page. It’s just a starting point, but it’s a great point from which to launch a popular brand on Facebook.

Use Your Entire Network

You can type terms like “promote Facebook page” into Google or Bing until you’re blue in the face, and this particular tip will undoubtedly be found in every piece of content, just rewritten slightly. So, while we’re not breaking any new news here, we’re still reinforcing one of the most tried-and-true methods of gaining Facebook traffic in existence, and that’s promoting your page using the network you already have developed. For instance, if you currently have an email marketing campaign with your affiliate business, or anything similar, direct those people to your Facebook page. The same holds true with a blog you have, any type of site traffic, a newsletter subscriber list, etc.

Offline Promotion Works Well

You would be surprised at the amount of traffic you can ultimately receive to your Facebook page from offline promotions. An ad in the classifieds, business cards or fliers under windshield wipers, and other brands of gonzo advertising offline – they can all start the type of chain reaction mentioned above in an earlier tip. The idea here is to get that little piece of snow rolling in hopes it attracts more and more snow until you’re dealing with a substantial boulder. A local ad can gain steam given time and placement.

Start a Hashtag Campaign

Playing off of the existing network tip, you can use social sites like Google+, Twitter, and your newly formed Facebook page to start showing some brand consistency and bringing more people to your neck of the woods. Creating a hashtag, for example, allows you to use this hashtag across your entire brand. While searching that hashtag on Twitter won’t show Facebook content, or vice versa, you’re still drawing people to your brand with a popular hashtag, and from there it’s a bit easier to drive that traffic to your Facebook page. They’ve already taken a positive step in your direction; you now just need to guide them in.

Once they gain that proverbial head of steam, Facebook pages can pick up massive amounts of traffic if only using that particular network to market. However, it’s always a good idea to use outside sources to draw traffic to your page, especially when you’re just starting out on Facebook.

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