Top 10 Reasons to Stick to Wix – Best Online Store Builder

Are you still debating whether you have invested your time and money in the right eCommerce website building platform? You may have spent days comparing the must have features of an eCommerce solution, but yet to take a final call. Let’s make your job easier now.

If your online store is already powered by Wix, you don’t need to think twice. You have already taken a right decision. WixStores, the eCommerce wing of Wix, has the all-in-all solutions for your store online. If you still want to analyze it better, reading these reviews makes sense.

In this world of eCommerce, there is no dearth of online store builders. Wix, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Weebly, Squarespace – there are as many platforms as you think. Some are feature-rich such as Shopify, and some are moderate ones, but still good enough to provide you with all the necessary features and online selling capabilities at a much lower cost.

Why Stick to Wix – The Bottom Line

1. Brand value comes with performance: Yes, the brand does matter. Wix is a pretty popular and well-established website builder with 62,560,105 people currently using it. The number is still growing at a rapid rate.

2. Optimize your template search: When it comes to handpicking the most suitable template among many, your selection has to be specific. WixStores makes your template search easy and quicker by providing category wise selection options. Just select a suitable sub category (for example, Clothing and Fashion, Food and Drink, Health and Beauty, etc.) under the main category ‘Online Store’ and browse them one by one. You can also edit any template of your choice and customize it on your own right away, just with a simple log in. Moreover, each template comes with a brief on what the template is good for and a related product description. This makes your template selection process more efficient and time saving.


3. There is a reason to go with the crowd: Over 45,000 new people join Wix every day. It’s really hassle-free. You can use simple drag-and-drop options to configure its eCommerce templates and handcraft a new website on your own. No coding is required.

4. Expect more to get more: WixStores does more than a drag-and-drop website builder. It gives an end-to-end solution to your online store.

With WixStores you can –

  • Start your online store in a few minutes. See how.
  • Create product galleries to showcase your product
  • Create pages for each product having color and size variations
  • Use built-in product page layouts as per your choice
  • Customize your store with unlimited designs and up to 20 product options
  • Create discount codes to run offers
  • Add coupons, ribbons to any product you want
  • Send ‘Thank You’ message while a customer places an order
  • Manage tax and shipping related calculations
  • Create functionally adept mobile store for shopping anywhere, anytime
  • Complete order and inventory management in minimum effort
  • Choose up to six payment processes for your customers both online and offline
  • Simplify checkout/ billing processes to your customers
  • Create browser-friendly and SEO optimized online store for higher ranking in SERPs

5. Simplicity wins as always: With WixStores, you just need to pick a suitable template, add your products or sellable properties to it and publish it on the web. It is that simple. You get a chance to launch your store for free and test all functionalities that you need specific to your store. If it makes you happy and gets you money, just upgrade your plan to ‘eCommerce’ or ‘VIP’ and get going in full swing. It is the flexibility that Wix brings in to delight online store owners.

6. A choice should never be compromised: Your store sells the way people perceive it. With the intuitive online store builder and a gamut of components in every template you have got enough to reject and then select. The choice is exclusively yours.

7. Value addition should keep happening:  Wix App Market can extend your website functions to much extent by adding popular apps and services. It takes your website to the next level by adding powerful sales and marketing features, business and social networking tools and transaction-specific capabilities. Their apps collection for the eCommerce category itself is worth a mention. Live Chat, Product catalog, Product video, Snapcard, PayPal, Etsy Shop – the list is comprehensive.


8. Managing an online business is about managing relationships better:  Wix ShoutOut, the newsletter program by Wix, probably is the easiest tool to update your customers and prospects about new arrivals, offers, and more. You may even send personal invites for specific occasions.

9. Everybody needs a flexibility and reliable payment system: At WixStores, e-tailers decide how they want customers to pay them. You may select from a list of easy and safe payment methods as well as decide on shipping and tax preferences.  Of course, buyers’ choice is not undermined or can never be.

10. Support is almost everything in a service: Whether it is to add or manage an online store, manage products or connecting to a merchant account Wix Help Center is always available at your disposal. It provides you with a gallery of support database such as step-by-step tutorials, FAQs to answer frequent questions.

So, what makes you think of Wix good enough going forward? In a nutshell, Wix has all the basics to build an eCommerce store. However, you just cannot depend on the off-the-shelf tools to get your business at a higher level. You need additional support in terms of sending out automatic emails, invoices and even integrate with social media to sell through them, which has to offer. The requirements could be even more. With the growing demand of Apps in the eCommerce domain, Wix App Market has also made a remarkable contribution to it.

So, it is not just the brand equity that matters most to an e-tailer. It is a package of value propositions, affordability and constant innovation with time that rates a product or a solution good, bad or moderate. Wix, in that context, made a clear impact on its customers.

We would still look forward to more apps from them as that is where most of the online site builders are getting through.


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