Top Tips For Success With AdWords- Must Have For Every Business

Launching a new AdWords campaign is a pretty exciting process that can both make or break your reputation online. AdWords is especially popular among start-up ventures and budding enterprises helping them get noticed in the vast network of websites. Discussed below are the best ways AdWords can be used to boost your business:


Set Multiple Goals

Setting a single target is not always the best approach to launching ad campaigns, sometimes you need to multitask. For, while it is important to define a single target and work towards it, it is usually helpful if you track multiple goals as it gives you more information to work with. The smaller goals or sub-targets can also be referred to as “micro conversions,” while the primary purpose is called the “macro conversion.” The custom columns option in AdWords further enhances the versatility and agility of your campaign.

Enable Auto-Tagging

The Auto-Tagging box is another tool that would help you expand the appeal and reach of your ad campaign across different platforms. Checking the auto-tagging box, an option present under the Preferences tab in the Account Settings feature allows AdWords to send and receive data from the Google Analytics framework that sends regular performance reports to your AdWords account. The checkbox then passes through the “glcid” onto the analytic tools and has to be linked to your AdWords account.

Set Rotation to “Rotate Indefinitely.”

The default option on AdWords is usually set on the “Optimise for Clicks” option. However, this is a setting suited for beginners. Once you gain popularity in the virtual world, you should change the ad rotation to a “Rotate indefinitely” setting to gather more views and opportunities for your campaign. Customizing the rotation also has a positive impact on your CTR giving your website the much-needed boost to make it big in the market.

Expand The Ad To Other Platforms As Well

Gone are the days when people would access the Internet only via a PC, today some electronic devices and platforms allow seamless connectivity and networking speed. Moreover, with the steady increase in the use of smartphones and tablets, it is only obvious that you would want the ad to reach out to users across all interfaces. Ensure that you are using mobile-friendly ad campaigns that allow a customized messaging feature for a higher conversion rate and a robust customer experience.

Never Start A Campaign On Friday

One of the easiest ways of getting more hits on the ad you posted online is to get an in-depth analysis of the campaign done approx.24 hours after it has been uploaded. Now, you cannot do it if you upload the ad on a Friday. This is because the internet traffic and browsing on weekends are very different from that on weekdays- the manner in which people search on Google during a Sunday is significantly different from their online activities for the rest of week. Therefore, starting a campaign on Friday and optimizing it on a Monday only hinders your ranking on the virtual platform.

Measure Conversion Value Correctly

Collecting and converting leads is further simplified by Google’s powerful Search Funnels Attribution Modelling tools that allow users to measure the conversion value correctly. The method is especially beneficial for products and services that have long sales cycles, i.e. when consumers spend much time researching and analyzing the item before making a purchase. Brand value and goodwill play a significant role in boosting the company sales higher. Disable the non-brand campaigns and then check the impact it has on the brand of a particular geographical location.

The Guide to Using Keywords Effectively

Remove duplicate keywords instead try accommodating a few quality keywords saving on cost and space. It is best that you calculate the account-level QS score to determine the credibility of the keyword before using it. Another practical tip would be to use negative keywords as it helps in streamlining your ad and present it on relevant web pages. Also, try cutting short on the length of your campaign, brevity is the soul of the wit.

Use Google’s Remarketing Feature

The new innovative marketing feature like Remarketing introduced by Google only makes your job simpler. Install the plug-ins and quick Google analytics tools that efficiently collect potential leads and convert them to sales. With the Google data capabilities, you can track the hits your site has received and identify those that are most likely to derive any profit. The browser then pushes this information on the ad campaigns immediately boosting its appeal online.

Final Thoughts

E-marketing and Google AdWords go hand in hand. Web entrepreneurs are well aware of the many ways by which Google AdWords can improve their reach and credibility online. It is an excellent way to channelize the traffic and enhance your content’s visibility.


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