6 Ways to Step Up Users Experience on your website

You know how to count, so tell me how many times you have come across websites that look really good yet you feel totally frustrated and fed up when you try to explore the website. You could not remember it correctly and you have good reasons to be. Cutting through the clutters, takes a lot of doing and makes us disinterested and force us to bounce back and browse another website. It is really pathetic to face websites that boast of great design yet failed to live up to expectation because of poor conceptualization, awful functionality and less than impressive usability. As a designer, it is your moral duty to increase users’ experience of your website but how on earth you can achieve it if the basic structure of your website is not set properly. Here we are going to share some rules of thumb that will give you an idea how you can enhance UI of your website:

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Experiment With Sanity

Some designers just fail to understand they cannot make experiment with the structure of the website all the time. Freshness should be included into the concept but you should make a point that you are not unnecessarily making things complicated just for sake for making your design stand out from the rest of the others. A different interface is always welcome but make sure that general users are not having any problem while exploring the website.

Get the Feedback

It is only the users who know what your website lacks. Since they are only source of your website’s revenue, you need to have a Contact Us page so that they can voice their concerns and feedbacks about the website. But the process of providing feedback should be as simple as possible. 4 or 5 mandatory options in the feedback form is enough to discourage a visitor from registering a feedback. No one will care a straw or two, if the form requires him to give specific information about his contact id, phone no etc. This will just scare them away. Just keep it simple and you will have valuable feedbacks from your valued clients.

Have a Custom Search Option

You should not expect that people will go through all the pages of your website to find out what they are looking for. Those good old days have gone. They will just bounce back and Google the thing that they are looking for. So it makes perfect sense to add a custom search option in your website which will have positive impacts on your website’s UI.

Make Your Website Highly Flexible

It is highly unlikely that all of your visitors would like the font size or font type or the background color of your website. By making small tweaks in the backend, you can let your visitors make changes in the font size, text color, background pattern etc and believe me this will go a long way to ensuring better users experience. Moreover, it will endow your visitors with a sense of ownership and they will be really active on your website.

Maintain Consistency in Navigation

It may sound crazy to have different navigation structures for different sections of the website. But believe me; it will just kill your website. It should be ensured that the website has a stable and consistent navigation structure if you wish to curry flavor with your readers. You will have ample opportunity to show off your designing talents. So, you will be better off if you can leave this particular sphere.

Make It Touch Screen Friendly

Since the number of tablet users and Smartphone users are increasing rapidly, there is a growing need to make your website interface semi-touch screen friendly. However, I am not asking you to add some buttons in the home page just like any other websites dedicated for Smartphone users. No, you can make it easier for smart phone users to browse your website by using button based navigation rather than small ‘read more’ or other similar text based navigation. It will help you maintain an ideal balance in the interface.

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