Video Marketing – Is It Advantageous?

We are living in an age where the use of internet is at its peak. People are constantly surfing the net for a variety of reasons such as socializing, business purposes, online shopping and the list goes on.

Due to the growing use of the internet, businesses are now resorting to different online tools to market their brand. And one such tool includes video marketing.

Video marketing, as the name implies is a technique used to promote to products or services through online videos. By many it is considered as one of the most effective ways of creating a far-reaching impact of the target audience. So what is it that make video marketing so advantageous? Read on to get the answer!

video marketing

High Rakings In Google’s Search Engine

One of the best ways of securing a high ranking in Google search results is by putting up a video, with relevant keywords in its description. You have probably noticed it yourself too, that when searching for a particular thing on Google, videos are most likely to appear in the starting few pages. And this gives you exposure to an even larger audience.

Increased Conversions

Well the main focus of marketing that is being carried out by paid ads agencies is to lead to some kind of conversion. If your teleseminar, lead capture page, products’ page, email etc includes a video, then its conversation would probably be 30% more than any other promotional item without a video. According to me, this in itself is a major reason to utilize video marketing.

It Will Open More Emails

According to studies, emails which contain the word “Video” in their subject line are likely to be opened more than emails without it.

However, there are some email programs that don’t allow videos to be included in the mails. You can overcome this problem by including a snapshot of the video followed with its link.

It’s Cost-Efficient

As opposed to other traditional methods of marketing, video marketing is highly cost-efficient. Just by setting up an account on some popular video hosting sites such as YouTube will be you exposure to millions of people that populate it.

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