Video Production Tips to boost Viewer Engagement

In this age of digital transformation, more and more people have changed the way they do things, and this includes how they do business. Business organizations have digitized their processes, and each day, they work tirelessly towards reaching new, broader markets.

On the other hand, consumers feel more empowered. They are more independent. They do not have to feel restricted due to their location. They are more able to form agreements with people other than just the ones they have known for years. They are able to open themselves up to different ideas and possibilities without worrying about losing power. They are able to think in a way that is more intuitive.

So, how should businesses reach these consumers and tell them about their brands, products, and services? Business organizations need to create solid strategies to effectively reach the new, empowered consumer. They need to change from being just about selling their products and services. They should add value to what they do, and this could be an important differentiator from other companies. Remember, today’s consumer needs products, services, and information that address their pain points successfully.

The changes in technology make it easier for people and companies to advertise. Of course, nothing beats an advertisement that is watched or listened to over a thousand times. Advertisements can be shown on stationary rather than inserting into a newspaper, ad without words, or audio advertisements before and after movies.

Some companies have gone a step further and use these products and services to create company videos (or explainer videos). This is where they will be able to create a paid insert for their advertisements, or they will render it with the product to show what will happen when they use this product or service. The video experts at Spiel explain that these videos directly help to communicate the benefits of the products in a succinct and influential way.

You can either work with a video production company or create short videos about your brand or products.

Video production tips

Focus on the video quality

There is more to creating engaging videos for your business than just having an excellent script, good audio, and ensuring the visual video quality. Your videos’ success in terms of engagement and conversion rates will depend on the overall quality of your videos, both visually and the content you share.

Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention to the quality of the content you share in your videos, the audio, and the visuals. It’s also important to pay attention to the load time and other essential factors that play a crucial role in reducing bounce rates and attracting the viewer’s attention.

Ensure your introduction is compelling.

According to most expert marketers, it’s essential to focus on the first five seconds of your video. Work on your videos starts to figure out what your hook is. One of the effective ways to attract your visitor’s attention and keep them interested in your video is to subtly state an important topic or statistics that will be covered.

Keep in mind that consumers love numbers, and if you start your videos with statistics, the chances are that they will want to hear about the surprising statistics or the exciting topic that you intend to discuss with them.

Ask questions

Posing a question to your target audience is an excellent way of getting them involved in the conversation. The question could be through a poll on the screen, a simple thumbs-up in case they agree with your argument, or a question for them to respond to in the comments section. In your videos, tell your audience to comment by responding to specific questions. This is one way of improving engagement in videos.

A recent survey revealed that asking questions give gets people to interact with a given piece of content. When it comes to business videos, requesting your audience to weigh-in in the comments section could persuade them to share their own expertise and opinions on the specific question or topic.

Evoke emotions

Most brands out there, both your competitors and non-competitors, have explainer videos for their brands and their products. So, what will differentiate your videos from what they do? Having an excellent educational video is not enough to attract an audience and keep them interested. It would be best if you increased engagement by creating content that helps viewers feel a specific emotion.

Humans are emotional beings. That means it is crucial to understand that and create highly engaging video content. If you are just throwing facts and data at your audience, they are not going to care about your videos. Instead, they will try to find more engaging content.

Focus on understanding how the specific facts video videos relate to your audience’s lives, how that affects them, and probably makes them feel. Evoking emotions in your videos could lead to higher engagement. Remember, it’s all about pulling on the right emotional strength of the video viewers.

Add annotations, visual cues, and call-to-action

It is recommended to add visual cues to help draw attention throughout your videos and a CTA whenever possible. Use calls to action to encourage your video viewers to subscribe to your website newsletter, download a specific lead magnet, or follow your brand on social media. Using annotations and the calls to action and help you tell your video viewers what exactly you want them to do and how to do it.

This will eliminate the possibility of missing the chances to get leads and subscribers. Remember, if your video viewers subscribe to your newsletter or download or specific lead magnet, they are likely to share their information with you.


Making sure that your explainer videos are engaging isn’t as hard as most people think. However, if you have no prior experience in handling videos, it’s best to work with a professional.┬áThis could help create excellent videos that resonate with your audience and help you achieve your desired objectives.


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