windows 7 security softwares

All companies engaged in the development of protection software to bring solutions to protect the next operating system Windows 7 and to date there are 3 companies have already issued copies of the experimental anti-virus works with windows 7, namely:


Symantec provided a test version of its comprehensive Norton 360 V 3.0 Beta2 version in parallel with Windows 7 is available on their site, and Symantec is a company that it would be much faster than the previous software protection produced by the company.

Users can download the Syrian version of the site Softpedia, can also rely on a copy of all the SEP 11.0 instead of the program


Kaspersky has released a Technical preview copy, and also because the company name does not consider that Windows 7 has been completed and will be structurally beta once the development of the system and issues on the market, you can download the program from this page


AVG is the promising companies in the area of protection, especially after the submission due to the large spread of anti virus free on the web, this company has completed the production of Internet security software, as well as Antivirus can be downloaded immediately and is paid for copies of course, in all cases you can download trial versions from this page


Can not rely on the Windows 7 version of this software is not totally dependent if you use the computer for important things (such as) the reference is to those who have a hobby in the experience of what is new.


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