15 Best WordPress Themes for Restaurants and Cafes

Running your own restaurant or cafe is a hard job. You have so many things to think about. But being a client is not an easy thing as well. It is a difficult thing when you have choice. And there are dozens of restaurants and cafes to choose from. Most of the people will hardly visit every single restaurant in order to discover the most suitable one. Tastes differ. Sometimes word of mouth publicity is quite helpful, but what if it’s not?

Having an own website of your restaurant will ease life of your potential clients and is likely to bring you more profit. Just think: people can easily attain any information concerning menu, prices, atmosphere, best offers! Those who are short of time will sure appreciate such an approach. Also the clients may leave their comments on what they liked or disliked and that will give you an opportunity to adjust your service to match the clients’ demands.

So from here you have two ways out: either build your own website from scratch or just use free CMS like WordPress with a pre-designed template for it. The first variant guarantees 100% uniqueness for your website, but it will take you considerable efforts both of money and energy. Moreover it might take months to make it look presentable. And using a pre-designed template will assist your site going live in surprisingly short terms, so it will save your time and money.

Why Should You Prefer WordPress over Other CMS?

Among all CMS WordPress quickly gained wide popularity. You may ask why? Because it is user-friendly and simple in operating. And that is right what a beginner webmaster usually needs. You can also easily get all the necessary plugins and themes to make your website match expectations of yours and your clients.

Why is it Better to Choose Ready-Made WordPress Theme?

Besides all the advantages mentioned you can get lots of other benefits from using ready-made WordPress Theme.

First of all, it is easy to use and flexible. All the templates are based on Cherry framework that makes dealing with them even simpler.

The WordPress Themes can be easily adjusted to mobile devices. That is really important as more and more people are browsing the internet on their mobiles.

Buying a template you also get licensed images, which you may (or may not) using for your own website.

All the templates below are provided by TemplateMonster.com, the biggest and the oldest provider of templates in the internet. That guarantee you will receive 24/7 hour support and help with any problem you may face.

So here are the examples we have chosen for you. So let’s see whether you may find something for you.

Own Taste – Innovative Food and Beverage Responsive WordPress Theme

Modern and stylish, in dark strict colors. It shows your clients everything you may want to offer them.

Cafe And Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Dining Pleasure – Family Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

Don’t know where to have dinner? This theme will persuade your clients they should choose exactly you.

Cafe And Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Healthy and Fast – Fast Food Healthy Cafe WordPress Theme

What can be better than an appetizing hamburger with chips for attracting clients?

Café With Elegant View WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Viva Italia! – Italian Food Restaurant WordPress Theme

Serving food is and art. And serving Italian food is a miracle. Just share it with your potential clients on your own website.

Restaurant Of Italian Food WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Delicious Red – Classical Restaurant WordPress Theme

Well-structured and bright theme. It will grasp attention at first glance!

Good Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Spicy Traditional – Asian Food Restaurant WordPress Theme

Traditionally tasteful theme allows you clients to get the atmosphere at once.

Asian Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Everything for Everyone – Fancy Cafe Responsive WordPress Theme

Bright and bold! Showing the pictures of the dishes that will match even the most exquisite demands.

Cafe Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hot Red – Mexican Food Restaurant WordPress Theme

This theme is as spicy and hot as the Mexican cuisine.

Flat Mexican Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Paris Elegance – French Food Restaurant WordPress Theme

Simple, elegant and romantic as if you have visited France.

French Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Simple and Delicious – Classical Cafe WordPress Theme

Put the picture of your best dish here and none of your clients will resist visiting your cafe!

Cafe WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Classical and Luring – European Food Restaurant WordPress Theme

No spare words, well-structured menu and luring pictures of your dishes. Your clients will be excited!

European Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Light Green – Grand Restaurant WordPress Theme

You may staff your website with latest news, best offers, coming events so that your clients see that you care about them.

Light Space Café And Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hot Pepper – Mexican Cuisine WordPress Theme

Visiting your website your clients will feel like having a trip to Mexico. But they will surely start with your restaurant.

Mexican Kitchen WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Red Sea – Seafood Restaurant WordPress Theme

Many people like seafood. Just show them that you have what they need.

Red Seafood Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Classical Italy – Italian Cuisine WordPress Theme

If you are running a restaurant with classical Italian cuisine, this them is definitely for you.

Classic Italian Cuisine WordPress Theme

Details | Demo


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