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Most serious bloggers use WordPress to run their websites. You can use the free platforms like Blogger or Typepad when you are starting out. But when you have mastered the basics, it is better to shift to WordPress.

But to stand out of the crowd you need a unique, original WordPress theme. Though WordPress itself offers a large library of themes which number in thousands don’t forget that the number of WordPress users are in millions. Therefore if you will be using a default template you will be risking making your site just one another site amongst the sea of many others.

Here is where the X theme from Theme.co can help you.


Though this is a single theme it has many designs built into it. You are free to tweak it any way you like and convert it into whatever site type you like: business, photography, even an ecommerce store.

Below I mention some of the prominent features of this theme.


The X theme comes with a newly designed WordPress Customizer. This Customizer lets you live preview your changes before you save them. This will save you the hassle of reloading the page over and over again to see the changes you have made. The X theme and its Customizer lets you see every tweak you make to the template without affecting the live design.

The inclusion of this Customizer in this theme keeps the theme free of “code bloat” as it does not includes any additional admin panel.


The X theme has many individual designs built into it and these designs are known as Stacks. Each Stack is designed in such a way to have its own unique look and feel which lets you create any look for your website you desire. Each of these Stacks were designed by expert advice from leading industry professionals.

The three Stacks – Integrity, Renew and Icon – each one of them are further customizable. They come with unprecedented controls which allow you to make unlimited amount of adjustments with a few clicks of mouse.

Built On Expert Advice

This is one of the features they are especially proud of as this is something you will usually not find elsewhere. Theme.co authorities went to some leading experts in marketing and online entrepreneurship niches who assisted them in building the X theme.

Theme.co followed their advice in two ways.

One – Wherever it was possible they incorporated the experts’ advice into the theme itself. That means they built the theme as they were advised.

Two – In some places the expert advice was informational in nature. So they wrote all that down as articles and published them for their members.


Responsive design

Responsive design means a design which works equally good on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. A lot of people use smartphones or tablets when travelling so if your website is not using a responsive design you are losing out on them.

Theme X uses responsive design which ensures your website looks pixel perfect no matter from which device people access it.

Go take a look at the site http://theme.co/x/ and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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