One of the things I love about WordPress is the amount of plug-ins available. There is a wide variety of WordPress performance plug-ins for making your blog more faster on loading and rank well on search engines. page speed is one of the factors Google looks at when ranking your blog. If your blog doesn’t load fast enough it’s rankings may be lowered. In this article, we’ll look at some useful WordPress plug-ins for Better Performance. Please comment if you know more useful plug-ins.


While browsers can handle up to 60 http requests simultaneously, only 2-4 simultaneous requests can be handled from the same hostname. This can potentially slow down page loads on your site.

2.WP File Cache

Persistent caching using files. WARNING: PHP 5.1.6 or newer is required.

3.Quick Cache ( A WP Super Cache Alternative )

Speed up your site ~ BIG Time! – If you care about the speed of your site, Quick Cache is a plugin that you absolutely MUST have installed.

4.W3 Total Cache

The fastest and most complete WordPress performance optimization plugin. Trusted by many popular sites like:,,,,,,,,,,, and others — W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your blog by improving your server performance, caching every aspect of your site, reducing the download time of your theme and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.

5.WP Minify

This plugin uses the Minify engine to combine and compress JS and CSS files to improve page load time.

Before WP Minify (11 JS requests @ 111KB)

After WP Minify (1 JS request @ 30KB)

6.Head Cleaner

Cleaning tags from your WordPress header and footer. To speed up the loading of JavaScript and CSS.


Yahoo’s excellent Exceptional Performance series recommends optimizing images in several lossless ways:

  • stripping meta data from JPEGs
  • optimizing JPEG compression
  • converting certain GIFs to indexed PNGs
  • stripping the un-used colours from indexed images

8.WP HTTP Compression

This plugin allows your WordPress blog to output pages compressed in gzip format if a browser supports compression.

9.Hyper Cache

Hyper Cache is flexible and easy to configure cache system for WordPress. It’s aim is to work on any installation.

10.WP Super Cache

A very fast caching engine for WordPress that produces static html files.

11.DB Cache Reloaded

The fastest cache engine for WordPress, that produces cache of database queries with easy configuration – now with bugs fixed.

12.CDN Tools

CDN Tools is a plugin designed to help you drastically speed up your blog’s load time by loading data onto a content distribution network (CDN).

13.WEBO Site SpeedUp

This time-proven application speeds up your website by applying all client side performance rules. Make your website faster than lightning!