107 WordPress Twitter Plugins

107 Twitter plugins for WordPress displays yours latest tweets in your WordPress blog

you can put your twitter in post,comment and sidebar everywhere in your blog with this plugins you will find what do you need most. and if you enjoyed my post please retweet or follow me on twitter

1-Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools is a plugin that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.

2-Twitter Sharts

‘Shart’ your twitter status anywhere within your wordpress blog posts or pages!

3-Twitter for WordPress

Twitter for WordPress displays yours latest tweets in your WordPress blog.

4-Twitter Widget

Adds a sidebar widget to display Twitter updates

5-Elegant Twitter Widget

A WordPress widget that displays twitter updates in yummy valid semantic XHTML code. The code is heavily commented and the output is in template functions so everything is fully customizable.

6-Twitter This

Allow to your readers sharing your blog post at twitter.

7-Twitter Widget Pro

A widget that properly handles twitter feeds, including @username and link .

8-Twitter Swell

You coult post message to your Twitter and show it.

9-WP Twitter Pitch

WP-TwitterPitch is all about getting the pitch delivered to you in the form you want to get it delivered – in other words in Twitter format. If you’re like me, then your Twitter direct message box is a lot like your email inbox.

10-Twitter Blaster

allow your visitors to post to your Twitter account. Once installed your users can update .

11-Twitter style links

This plugin allows you to add Twitter style links to comments.

12-Twitter Feed

The control functions such as connecting to a Twitter account and storing information on the tweets/blogs, can be accessed through the “Twitter Control” GUI in the WordPress admin panel.

13-Twitter updater w/ TinyURL

com status with the latest post that you’ve made. It also has the option of including a link back to your post so can people can easily click on it to view the post.

14-Twitter To TTF

displays it in a TTF Simple. Asks you for your Twitter ID. Grabs your latest tweet.

15-Kish Twitter

This plugin is using the Twitter API to get and post the updates. You need to have a twitter account to post updates.

16-Post to Twitter

Create a tweet on Twitter whenever you post

17-WP to Twitter

The WP-to-Twitter plugin posts a Twitter status update from your blog using the Cli.gs URL shortening service to provide a link back to your post from Twitter.

18-Twitter Links

This plugin will convert valid Twitter usernames mentioned in comments into a link to their Twitter profile page.

19-Twitter Status

Twitter Status is a very simple no-fuzz plugin that gets the current Twitter message from the Twitter ID specified

20-Latest Twitter Sidebar Widget

Creates a sidebar widget that displays the latest Twitter update for any given user.

21-Twitter To Wire

This plugin allows your twitter posts to show up in your buddypress wire.

22-Top Twitter Links by Twitturls

Widget that displays currently popular links from Twitter.

23-Thread Twitter

fetch your tweets and display them in thread style.


Customizable twitter widget for your sidebar. Twitter Widget displays your tweets on your sidebar.

25-Twitter Link

Converts @username mentions in posts and pages into links to Twitter.

26-WP My Twitter

WP My Twitter will display your recent Twitter Tweets. Works in your theme, with shortcode, or as a Widget.

27-Twitter Post

Twitter Post enable the users send for twitter messages, about new publishes in the blog Twitter .

28-Add Twitter Link to Comments

This is a plugin that adds a twitter link to comments if the comment author uses an email connected to a twitter account.

29-Twitter ReTweet

Twitter ReTweet provides a function that displays a ReTweet link which gives visitors the ability to ReTweet the current post; supports custom URLs (perfect for Google Analytics Campaign Tracking).

30-Twitter Digest

a daily post containing tweets from a twitter account.

31-Fresh From FriendFeed and Twitter

Keeps your blog always fresh by regularly adding your latest and greatest content from FriendFeed or Twitter. No external passwords required!

32-Twitter Tracker

A fairly simple widget which allows you to specify and display a Twitter search (or a Twitter hashtag) in your sidebar.

34-WordPress Twitter Bot

blog updates to your Twitter account

35-Twitter Remote Widget

A widget to display the twitter remote widget from http://twittercounter.com/remote

36-Add Twitter RSS

Add Twitter RSS is a simple plugin that adds your Twitter RSS link to the header of your blog. It allows your readers to easily find your Twitter feed.

37-Twitter Auto Linker

Turns @<twitter user name> into clickable links! Just activate and enjoy.

38-Twitter Poster

The Twitter Poster is a plugin which allows wordpress publishers to automatically post their new posts to their Twitter account.

39-unfake.it URL shortener for Twitter Tools

unfake.it URL shortener for Twitter Tools’.

40-Simple Twitter Link

The code for Simple Twitter Link should be added to the bottom of appropriate post/page templates within your theme (and in the case of posts, within the loop).

41-Easy Twitter Links

link to a Twitter member’s profile

42-Twitter Friends Widget

perform a Manual Update from the “Twitter Friends Widget

43-Twitter LiveBlog

Twitter LiveBlog integrates with Twitter and lets you liveblog on your WordPress blog.

44-Twitter User

Designed for multi author blogs, but useful for single author sites too, this gives you a new box in your profile admin to add in your Twitter username.

45-Twitter Tag

Include a Twitter @username in your blog post and Twitter Tag will automatically create a link to that users Twitter page and will send a tweet telling them that they’ve been tagged in one of your posts.

46-Twitter SP2

Twitter SP2 is a simple WordPress plugin developed for romanian bloggers that posts on Twitter a link to your post shorten via a romanian service sp2.


WP-Twitter is a plugin that creates a integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter

48-RF Twitter Post

A simple plugin that will post to twitter whenever you add a new post

49-Admiyn Twitter

This plugin I called as Admiyn Twitter and its function

50-Twitter Links Plus+

Checks Twitter usernames mentioned in posts, pages and in the comments (eg. @tquizzle) with the Twitter service to see if that user is indeed a Twitter user

51-Twitter Friendly Links

DO promote your blog posts in Twitter


SimpleTwitter displays the most recent twitter post (tweet) for a given user.


Adds a sidebar widget to display your Twitter Friends Timeline using Twitter’s flash scripts


Submits a user definable tweet to your twitter account notifying any twitter followers or friends that a new blog entry has been published on your blog (or an existing published entry has been edited).


MyTwitter allows users to display their recent Twitter status updates (tweets) on their WordPress site and update their status through the Options page.

Auto Tweet adds a check box to the Write Post editor (both the TinyMCE/Visual Editor and the advanced editor). When this box is checked, publishing your post will also send the post to Twitter.


create posts and categories based on Twitter keyword searches.

58-Tweet You

Putting twitter on your website with tweet!


twitterDash adds twitter to your WordPress-dashboard.

60-Tweet Tweet

Twitter.com has become a huge success by making it easy for people to converse in short 140 character messages. One thing that always bothered me was that my tweets would be lost if Twitter ever went bust, or they suffered some catastrophic failure where data was lost. It can happen. That’s why I wrote this plugin.


post your new posts on the twitter website.


to receive noticies by direct messages from Twitter whenever someone leaves a comment


Allows you to integrate TwitterCounter.com badges on your blog.


Live action twittering on your widget bar using Monitter.

65-Tweet Rooster

This is the first version of tweet rooster. It’s a widget that allows people to twitter directly from your blog.

66-Tweetly Updater

This plugin sends Twitter updates on new or edited posts

67-Get My Tweets

this plugin will load a user definable number of Tweets from Twitter.


A twitter widget that adds the code needed to create a Twitter sidebar.

This is an extremely basic version, it basically just adds the widget to display your Twitter updates in your sidebar.


People are talking about your posts, and not only in the comments to your post. A lot of that conversation is happening on Twitter, and now, you can take that conversation right back to your blog! This plugin imports those tweets about your posts as comments.


WordTwit is a plugin that utilizes the Twitter API to automatically push a published post


A plugin that posts a short blurb on your Twitter page linking to a post you’ve recently published.

72-Tweep Roll

Tweep Roll is like Blogroll, for your Twitter friends. When I find a Tweep (a Twitter … Blogroll, but shows a list of your Twitter friends instead.


NewsTweet constantly pulls twitter posts containing that word or phrase.


to post user behaviors to their Twitter account. Behaviors such as: user visited


Integrate follower graph in your sidebar to display changes of the number of your followers you have on Twitter


A WordPress plugin that posts a tweet to Twitter when you publish a blog post


Converts @choiz (or other twitter account) in Twitter’s link. It’s run in posts, pages and comments.


This is a WordPress plugin to show your Twitter badge as a widget with easy personalization.

79-twitterLink for WordPress comment

to use twitter as word press comment system via twitterlink


This WordPress plugin automatically sends new posts of your blog to twitter as soon as they get published.


Adds a link to each post that points the user to Twitter.com. Before the redirect, the URL for the actual post is sent to Tinyurl.com and the tinyurl-ified URL is used as an argument to Twitter.com thus putting it in the status field when the page loads.

82-WP Twitip ID

WP Twitip ID adds a field to the comment form for a user to add their twitter username. Once published, their comment will display a link to follow them on twitter wherever you want by adding a line to your themes’ comments.php


When a reply is made to a comment, a twitter notification (@twittername) will be sent

84-My Twitpic’s

The My Twitpic’s plugin allows you to show your recently added photos to Twitpic.com on an easy way to your visitors.

85-Tweetmeme Button

shows number of times your post has been retweeted on twitter


This plugin allows you to twit your newly published / edited wordpress posts. “Post to twitter” form is embedded into “Add/Edit Post” page, thus you can easily create customized twitter posts.


The Feed2tweet plugin is a very simple, non-obstrusive way of automatically tweeting your new published posts and pages on your WordPres blog.


Blog owner can now Tweet new comments automatically on own profile

89-Twicon for WordPress

Let’s show the Twitter avatar (Twicon) to your user

90-Invite Friends

Invite friends from MSN, gmail, Yahoo, facebook and twitter.


You can add the Twitter Brand Sponsors box to your site with the widget

92-Snipt.org Highlighted Code Embed

If you have a twitter account you can use that to snipt box info create a snipt box .

93-Minibul for WordPress

number which you can find on the Follow & Share page) and install it. Credits – The plugin is highly based in his Twitter for WordPress


Publishes your WordPress posts to Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

95-12seconds Widget

widget to display video status updates. For those of you who are familiar with Twitter; 12seconds is like Twitter, but with video instead of text updates.

96-Twit Connect

Integrate Twitter and WordPress. Provides single-signon and avatars.


Tries to find Twitter avatar for commenters.

98-Pretty Link

Create short links suitable for Twitter using your own domain name!

99-Tracked Tweets

Posts are added to your twitter account. Tweet can be formatted. URL’s are shortened using Tinyurl, and Google Analytics tracking is added.

100-SimpleTwitter Modified

SimpleTwitter displays the most recent twitter post (tweet) for a given user.


Publish blog posts to multiple twitter accounts.

102-Capture the Conversation

find conversations taking place online, on Twitter, and displays and updates those conversations

103-yURL ReTwitt

to re-twitt it in one click. You can specify the RT default This plugin will allow your readers to publish a RT (Re-Twitt) on twitter


allows you to display your Twitter “tweets” intermingled among your WordPress


A very simple plugin to display a twitter box in the sidebar. The prime reason for the existence of this plugin is that I wanted to try to write a plugin. It is decent enough to be used, so I’ve published it.


Twounter returns the number of followers of a twitter user in simple text format.


Displays the latest results based on a twitter search. Options include setting multiple search.


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