3M Global B2B Business Systems gets a hybris Upgrade

World renowned diversified manufacturer of Scotch brand tapes and sticky notes, 3M, launched a new hybris ecommerce platform to enhance its global multichannel sales. The hybris technology will enable the company to scale its business capabilities to new business opportunities and further expand its global presence.

3M Company, once known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, is a marketer and manufacturer of various products across a vast array of industries, recording annual sales of approximately $31 billion in more than 70 countries. The company is very active globally in the healthcare, electronics, and energy industries selling products directly to consumers as well as a various international retailers, wholesalers, dealers, and distributors. The new hybris ecommerce platform was launched for both its business-to-business and consumer markets.


The fastest growing commerce platform provider today is hybris software, now a SAP company. 3M has already been using SAP for its back-end enterprise resource planning software which includes applications for managing inventory and financial records. According to 3M, it needed to execute a “robust, state oftheart, user-friendly and flexible commerce platform capable of delivering B2B functionality to a global user base.” Further, the company also needed an ecommerce platform that was flexible enough to quickly adapt to constantly changing market conditions by updating web content in various global markets based on changing customer preferences or availability. The addition of hybris Commerce Suite to 3M’s commercial activities significantly enhances the company’s B2B ecommerce systems enabling the brand to deliver anoutstanding customer experience to businesses and consumers around the world.

3M had recognised that it needed to implement a technology that was cutting edge and flexible. The technology needed to be user friendly and able to deliver B2B functionsworldwide. As the company evolved, the technology also needed to be able to adapt easily to support future endeavours.

Key Benefits of Hybris

There are several benefits to adding a hybris Commerce Suit. Firstly, 3M will be able to effortlessly integrate evolving technologies in its ecosystemsthat can quickly adapt to evolving market conditions.

Whether it is the company’s smallest market or the largest, everything will be unified into one global platform.

Drive higher conversion rates with the use of personalisation tools to define customer experiences.

3M will now be able to support multiple currencies and languages enabling the company to effortlessly serve both existing and new markets.

3M now has access to exceptional OmniCommerce capabilities to position future commerce applications on the web, mobile and tablet devices, and in the call centre, enabling the company to engage with its target audience irrespective their preferences to research and purchase products.

According to James Fall, vice president, Global Sales Operations at 3M, “we require a lot from our commerce technology, and in addition to giving our B2B customers a high quality, omni-channel commerce experience, our platform must perform flawlessly and quickly adapt to new markets and business models.” He further stated that “by partnering with hybris, we have gained the commerce technology our business requires today as well as the flexibility we need for long-term success.”

When you think of powerful and scalable single-stack commerce solutions, you think of hybris. It is the best in delivering B2B and B2C commerce solutions for large organisations operating in highly complex and diverse markets. As a result, the hybris platform equips multinationals like 3M who employs 89,000 people globally, with the necessary tools to provide added value.

By creating and managing a highly personalised customer experience, the company can ensure that value has been created whether the interaction was B2B or B2C. According to executive vice president of sales Americas at hybris, Steven Kramer, “by implementing the hybris Commerce Suite, 3M solidified its ability to provide an unparalleled customer experience to its diverse B2B and future B2C customer base.”

As far as omni-channel commerce technology goes, it does not get better than this. The end product of 3M’s partnership with hybris has been operational since June 2014. The enhanced global commerce site is aimed at delivering superior features while scaling its omni-channel technology to an international customer base.

Hybris does not come cheap, the cost of a hybris licensed software starts at around $200,000.Thereare also web based on-demand versions of the platform that start around $10,000 to $20,000 per month.However, 3M has not disclosed information regarding the cost of implementing its hybris installation.

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