45 Ways to Get High Quality Backlinks

Website promotion is the core of website operation.  Follow these 45 Ways to Get High Quality Backlinks for your website or blog. While ensuring that the content of the website is sufficient and high in quality, external links on the website have become the key to website promotion. To get better rankings and traffic, you have to find ways to establish high-quality and diversified external links.

1. Blog promotion

If the website content is static or the update speed is slow (such as company website, online store), you can consider adding a blog to it and update the blog content regularly. This will not only attract repeat customers, but also get more traffic from search engines.

2. Leave messages on other people’s blogs

Develop the habit of visiting relevant blogs in the target market and leaving messages. You will be allowed to leave a link in the comments, and some visitors may click on to your website.

3. Submit readers’ contributions.

Most blogs welcome readers to contribute. Bloggers allow you to contribute to them, and usually articles will keep the author’s signature pointing to your website. Send the article to the blogger and see if he will publish the article as a reader.

4. Sponsor the blog contest.

A popular practice in the blogosphere is to conduct blog contests. You can sponsor a competition, offer prizes or bonuses, and bloggers will leave a link to your website on the competition page.

5. Establish a network of relationships.

There is a saying that “it is better to recognize the right person”. This also applies to website promotion. After meeting bloggers and webmasters, they will be happy to put a link to your website and bring traffic. But before that, you might want to link to their website first, or contact your relationship.

6. Publish RSS feeds.

Publish RSS feeds to facilitate readers to subscribe to blogs through RSS readers. In this way, as long as the blog is updated, they can automatically be notified of the update. This is a good way to ensure that they can read the updated articles and encourage them to visit the website regularly.

7. Provide email subscription.

Many netizens don’t use RSS yet, and it is very necessary to provide email subscription.

8. Create an email newsletter

This can effectively control the content pushed to the subscriber’s mailbox. For example, define an automatic push rule to send specific content to the subscriber’s mailbox at a specific time.

9. Break the news first-hand.

If your website is the first news source that broke the news, there will be many website links that point to you, and the traffic will of course go up.

10. Write a controversial article.

If you can successfully write a controversial article, people will naturally link to your article when arguing, whether they agree with your point of view or, in most cases, they disagree. The result is of course that the flow rate can be greatly increased.

11. Write a list of “Top 10” and “Top 100”.

This headline format is concise and easy to understand, and can contain effective information. Because such articles can aggregate and summarize valuable things, people will naturally bookmark this article and share it.

12. Write a “general tutorial” for doing something.

People are willing to learn new things, especially the skills that can solve their problems. Make sure your tutorial is as detailed as possible and visitors will flock to it.

13. Post an interview.

If the respondent has a blog or website, the effect will be better. The other party will give a link to the interview article, and his visitors will click on it.

14. Use festivals or regular events to make special topics.

Write some content related to festivals or regular events, and traffic will increase greatly. For example, about Christmas, elections, Olympics, World Cup and other festivals and activities.

15. Create a test.

People like to do tests. If you can come up with an interesting test, visitors will not only be willing to do it themselves, but will also share it with their friends, so the traffic will increase.

16. Post a funny picture.

After a busy day, people may just want to have fun and relax. Posting a funny picture can satisfy everyone’s wishes and increase traffic.

17. Create an infographic.

If you are creative and like to do surveys, you can try to create an infographic, which is also a good way to attract links and traffic from others.

18. Publish an e-book.

This is one of the most effective ways to get traffic. Write an attractive e-book and put it on the website. The more useful the information in the book is, the more people will share comments and the more traffic will be.

19. Create open source website templates, themes, plug-ins and other resources for free download

. Free and open source websites are very popular on the Internet, and there will always be many people who submit templates to the Internet. Put a link in the footer to your website and you will definitely get some traffic. Write a free WordPress theme. WordPress has millions of users. After submitting your theme to the directory (including the official theme directory), there will always be many people downloading your theme.

20. Make a cheat sheet.

Cheat sheets are very popular on the Internet, and if you can make one, you will definitely see a huge increase in visitors.

21. Provide resources for web design.

The web design community is one of the most active communities on the web, and providing them with resources is a good way to increase traffic. For example, provide icon sets, fonts, textures, Photoshop brushes and similar resources.

22. Launch an event to promote virality.

People need to forward the page of the contest to get a chance to draw a random lottery, which can be cash, products, or services provided by sponsors.

23. Have a writing competition.

If you want to improve your website’s search engine rankings, you can try to hold a writing contest. Participants need to write an article related to the theme of the contest to get a chance to compare. The external links obtained in this way not only bring PR weight, but also new visitors. However, it should be noted that the prizes need to be attractive enough to make participants willing to write articles related to the topic.

24. Hold a voting contest.

All you need to do is select the winner by voting in the game. For example, if you have a website about fitness, you can invite readers to submit their best fitness tips, and then the readers will vote for the winner. This allows participants to link to the voting page, and then invite their friends to visit and vote.

25. Traffic competition.

If traffic is what you want, why not directly link the competition standards to it? In the competition, participants are required to direct traffic to a specific page of the website, which can be the page of the competition (to achieve the effect of virus transmission) or the resource page (such as the page that provides e-books).

26. Record video tutorials.

When operating a computer, it is very effective to record the screen into an attractive video. For example, you can use this method to teach others how to perform a certain operation on the computer or how to complete a task on the Internet. After preparing the video, you can submit it for dissemination on as many websites as possible, such as Youtube, Dailymotion etc.

27. Make a podcast.

The main reason this method may become a source of high-quality traffic is that competition in the podcasting field is particularly small. In other words, with a little effort, your podcast can quickly become a leader in the market. All you need to do is start recording with a microphone.

28. Find someone to like your article.

If your friends are using social media such as Weibo, QQ space, etc., ask them to help top your best articles. Like a snowball, more and more people will be able to let more people see it, and at the same time there may be others who like it, which will bring a lot of traffic.

29. Add social sharing bookmarks to the website.

If you want to be shared and favorited more, add more sharing bookmarks to the website. Use this tool to automatically generate a bookmark sharing icon, and then paste the code to the website.

30. Create profile pages on as many social networks as possible.

When creating a profile page on a social network, you can usually add your own URL. This is not only an opportunity to build external links, but also to bring in traffic (one is the visitor who sees the profile page, and the other is the weight that the link on the page brings to the website).

31. Customize your 404 error page.

Whether you are happy or not, visitors will always be taken to the 404 error page on the website. Maybe the URL address was misspelled, maybe it was linked to a page that does not exist on the website, or for other reasons. If you use the default 404 page, the visitor will immediately go to another website. But if you optimize the 404 page and add useful links, you may be able to direct them to other pages of the website, which can also be regarded as an increase in traffic.

32. Highlight the most popular content.

When people visit a website, they want to know which is the most popular. Highlight the most popular content and recommend it to readers to get more page views from each visitor. The easiest way is to add “hot articles” to the sidebar.

33. Create original content.

If you want to get traffic from search engines, you should concentrate all your time on one thing and try to add original content. This is the most important thing for search engines. The more original content and the more frequent updates, the better the effect. 34. Build backlinks.

If you want to improve your search rankings and get organic traffic, the second most important thing is to build backlinks. You need to have as many websites link to your website as possible. The higher the authority and relevance of the link, the better the effect. For example, if you have a technology blog, getting links from other authoritative technology blogs will have a miraculous effect on SEO.

35. Implement keyword research.

Search engines work around keywords, understanding what keywords people use to adjust content to match them. For example, the search volume of the keyword “funny pictures” is 15 times that of “funny images”, so it is more helpful to use “funny pictures” in the title. Use Google AdWords keyword tool to query the search volume of any keyword, that is, the search index.

36. Optimize the page title.

The title of the webpage refers to the title part of the webpage, located between the tags <title></title> at the head of the HTML code, and appears in the title bar at the top of the browser when the webpage is visited. This is a very important on-page SEO factor. It should be confirmed that each page of the website has a unique page title, and keywords should appear in it.

37. Create an HTML site map.

An HTML site map is a web page that links to all other pages (preferably also linked to all other pages). HTML sitemaps help search engines crawl and index websites and improve search rankings.

38. Use pictures.

Most webmasters have forgotten that Google has a very popular “image search”, which means that using images in web pages can also increase traffic from search engines. Make sure to optimize the name of the picture with relevant keywords, and remember to use the ALT and TITLE attributes often in the picture.

39. Create a website version suitable for mobile devices.

As more and more people use mobile devices to access websites, having a mobile version that can adapt to these new platforms will become very important.

40. Create an iPhone application for the website.

The iPhone is considered the most popular smartphone, and despite controversy, most of its users rely heavily on its apps to manage their content. If you can create an iPhone application to display the content of the website, you can not only gain new readers, but also make it easier for existing readers to read on the iPhone.

41. Create an Android application for the website.

Google’s mobile operating system, Android, is rapidly expanding in the field of smart phones, so an application should be created for it. But this requires some knowledge of programming.

42. Join online forums

Put a website link in the signature. No matter what the theme of the website is, there are always many relevant forums to join. Most of them will allow you to put a link in the signature file, and use this to send visitors to your website. In addition to putting a link in your signature, you can also insert a link to your article when posting. For example, if you write an article that is very useful to other members of the forum, you can post a post to let them know and request feedback. However, the relevance of the article must be ensured, otherwise it will be marked as a spammer.

44. Consider adding forums to the website.

Once the website reaches a critical user level (for example, 5000 or more unique visitors per day), you can consider adding forums to the website. This will give visitors a platform to ask questions and share content, while also increasing traffic.

45. Answer questions on Quora and Yahoo Answers

Take a moment to look at the questions on the community Q&A platform, and answer whenever you encounter questions related to the topic of your website. You can provide a link to a website as a reference in your answer, or directly provide a link to a specific article on your website that can answer this question.

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