5 Best Drupal Modules you must pick up

Along with WordPress, Drupal is also one of the leading CMS today. These effects have changed the way we share ideas, interact, and conduct our business online. Since 2014, over 1 million people use Drupal on a weekly basis. This is a clear indication of how CMS is viable for SMEs, bloggers, nonprofits, and corporations.

To add features and functionality to your Drupal site, you will set up and install modules that help you achieve your goals. For this reason, let us look at the top five modules that you must have for a successful site.


  1. Social Vote and Share Button Module for Drupal

If you are the individual behind a blog, a website that hosts content, or if you want to increase your engagement in the community, this is the best choice of the module for you. You will also never get many social networks that can be integrated with the easy and simple modules to use.

Best features for this module can be Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and more of those options while hosting the fun polls.

  1. Honeypot

This is one of the most popular modules used in developing internet applications. The Honeypot module can be used to give access to the time-stamp methods. In such cases, this is the methods that can be used to deter the spam bots from causing havoc to your pages and posts in the internet. According to statistics in the internet, Honeypot is one of the most effective tools used against spam bots. This is because they are not intrusive as compared to the CAPTCHA tool.

The best features associated with Honeypot includes a highly-responsive tool. Moreover, you will never get a penalty while using the tool like other times-tamp methods.

  1. Modernizr

This is a popular module used by internet bloggers and web content creators. For most bloggers, the use of Modernizr module is one of the technologies that lets you leverage on using extensive web technologies. It works by writing conditional JavaScript and CSS languages to get support from various browsers and features. The use of Modernizr also works by enabling these concepts to appeal and enhance the look of your website.

Best features that comes with using Modernizr is that you don’t have to be a guru in writing codes with JavaScript and CSS.

  1. SMTP Authentication Support

This is one of the best features used by website developers. Its use has increased among the web content creators because of its high-end capabilities in SEO automation. SMTO Authentication Support capability helps you bypass the main functions found in PHP. For this reason, it will automatically send the emails directly to the SMTP server. Site builders and developers always love this functionality. It is also available with the Drupal Eight compatible function.

The best feature of this module is that you can use it to connect to the servers through SSL if PHO is supported.

  1. Strongarm

This is one of the most popular Drupal modules used in the internet. This feature gives you the permission to override default variable values as a site builder or a web content creator. A site developer or builder gets this application with a limited UI and API functionality to improve the administration experience.

The best feature that comes with this module allows the web developer to give proper customization when working in the admin website.

For most webmasters, Google Analytics has been part of their working experince. Drupal Development Company is considered as one of the best companies offering the best web development modules. However, the above-mentioned Drupal tools should always be used to develop high-end sites and blogs in the internet for better functionality and output.


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