How Local Businesses Use Technology To Engage Their Customers

The world of modern business has undergone immense change since the turn of the millennium. Technology is undoubtedly at the heart of those progressions. Many factors have evolved over the years. However, the need to engage with customers in a productive manner should still sit top of every entrepreneur’s agenda. If advanced tech can smooth those interactions, every small business should embrace it.

Establishing a positive bond between tech and customer engagement is the hallmark of a successful SMB. So how do the best local companies achieve that goal? Let’s take a closer look at some the key factors.


#1. Rewarding Loyalty

Turning a one-time customer into a regular client is one of the toughest challenges in modern business. Great products should always be the priority, but you can achieve so much more by embracing a better service. Showing appreciation of their continued custom is the key, and modern tech makes it easier than ever.

FlokThe flok customer loyalty App is the perfect way to do just that. The digital App works in a similar fashion to paper copies, allowing clients to collect points that gain prizes such as discounts and free goods. This is a particularly useful tool for restaurants and local businesses that provide a service. Then again, it can also be utilized by retailers and other companies.

This modern approach to the punch card app brings several benefits. Firstly, customers won’t be at risk of losing their cards. Meanwhile, having the App on their smartphone home screens can only increase the frequency of their visits too.


#2. Providing Updates

Customer engagement isn’t simply about keeping clients interested in the company. In truth, it’s equally important that they are kept in the loop about any updates that surround the business. For a localized venture, that could include anything from a change of opening hours to relocation. Either way, consumers deserve to know what’s happening. If they feel left out, there’s a good chance they’ll take their business elsewhere.

The traditional methods of sending snail mail or making phone calls is both time-consuming and costly. Email services make it far easier to inform everyone without encountering those issues. Nowadays, though, Apps like flok can also use push notifications to send out crucial data to the masses. Not only does this keep clients updated, but it also shows that the business is up to date with the very latest tech. This can only enhance the customer experience, which should boost profitability also.

Above all else, it guarantees instant results. It’s faster, cheaper, and easier for everyone involved. Frankly, sticking to the outdated methods simply isn’t an option.

#3. Maintaining Communication

Communicating on a generic level is one thing, but it’s equally important to give clients that individual attention. After all, they need to feel appreciated by the business to fully get behind it. Apart from the familiarity, it will inevitably boost the trust.

Push notifications and personalized messages can be sent to wish customers a happy birthday or thank them for a recent visit or purchase. flok additionally allows you to monitor customer activity, which can help pinpoint trends from demographics as well as individuals.

flok message

#4. Confirm Presence

Trust is one of the most important aspects of a strong customer bond. Again, a local business should pride itself on maintaining positive interactions in the real world. However, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that customers do research their options. This is why you need to prove that yours is the best.

Embracing Apps and modern trappings keeps you one step ahead of the game, but only if there is a website to match. A good design can work wonders for clients old and new. Most importantly, though, it needs to be supported by a strong localized SEO strategy. After all, it’ll be impossible to embrace those positive interactions if the company isn’t even visible.

Furthermore, being active on other platforms (like flok) you can reach new audiences too. A great first impression sets the foundations for a positive customer experience. Acknowledging that fact is key.

#5. Encouraging Participation

Engagement relies heavily on interactions with the clients. As a localized business, your venture should have a great opportunity to embrace this with more authority than most global giants. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t ignore the importance of digital communications too.

Blogs and vlogs that encourage sharing or responses are a great starting point. Meanwhile, running a membership club can enable you to organize competitions and fun features. When customers are engaging with the brand on a regular basis, they’ll be far more likely to complete purchases. When combined with those regular interactions encouraged by flok and the reward systems, consumers will constantly have the company fresh on their minds. Whether in store or online, that can only work wonders for the SMB.

Technology can additionally be used to enhance in-store experiences. This could mean checking things out on an iPad or utilizing better POS terminals. Either way, advanced tech is your best friend. Do not forget it.


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