5 Common Mistakes that You Should Avoid When Creating a Website

When starting a website for the first time, people may have no clue on how to create a website. Once adopting some suggestions or tips on site development, they begin building a website by themselves. However, due to the fact that many people lack experience in site building, there might be a series of problems of one sort or another happening on site development.

Inevitably, webmasters always make some mistakes during the website development, giving rise to low traffic and bad ranking on search engines. To this problem, we list 5 mistakes that often come up when creating a website as well as give valid solutions below each item.

Creating a Website

Poor Landing Page Design

Landing page is the appearance of your website, which is the first thing jumping into visitors’ eyes. A good landing page leaves a professional impression on people. However, many webmasters think little of the page typesetting and make it messy and unbalanced. For such an unsightly design, visitors won’t stay on your website any longer.

Once establishing a site, you don’t need to put too much excessive web content on the landing page except for some basic information related to the brand, such as name, intro, characteristic product/service, most favorable price, etc. You’d better use the words as simple as possible to describe those details.

In addition to text description, there should be some elegant images as well. The images need to match with the words and come with high definition, which commonly act as a finishing touch. Be careful of image abuse and make sure all pictures are put on the right place.

No Sitemap

Sitemap is a list consisting of all pages on the website, from which visitors are able to link to anywhere within your site, and also, search engines can crawl those pages with ease. But many people neglect such important element after creating their websites and make the website navigation not user-friendly so that visitors cannot find what they want at once.

In this case, you are required to create a sitemap on the bottom of your website, which should include the addresses linking to other pages smoothly and fast. Make sure the clearness and comprehensiveness of the sitemap as well as make it understandable.

Dated & Low Quality Content

For most people who access your website, their main purpose is to get useful information they want. However, there is a number of websites attaching a little importance to content freshness and quality so that visitors cannot get up-to-date information and don’t wish to continue reading anymore.

To make your website fresh and attractive, you’d better keep updating the web content every day and always post something new to catch people’s eyes. Besides, a well-organized post is also a key to success, which should include several subtitles, sub-headings, and paragraphs, making the text structure clear and bright.

Choose the Wrong Web Host

web hosting

A wrong web host is a nightmare for your website because of its bad performance and low level of reliability. In such a bad hosting environment, it is highly possible to get your site in trouble for the frequent downtime. Under this situation, visitors often wait for a long time to load a page or even cannot open the site.

To avoid such an embarrassment, you should carefully select a reliable hosting provider which utilizes top-level data center with the most advanced technologies and guarantees at least 99.9% uptime, like ZhuJi91. In this way, your website barely suffers downtime issue and goes with unbeatable access speed.

No Social Sharing Buttons

In today’s digital world, social media has been recognized as an effective method to promote a website. Observationally, many webmasters lack awareness on adding social sharing buttons to their sites and never take it into account when expanding business.

Actually, social media is a great platform to share your sites with others because there are millions of people worldwide are wild about various social networks, like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc. You are allowed to post any information related to your brand on the social media. This is one of the best ways to expand business and increase website traffic.


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