5 Fun Ways to Enjoy Beach Living at Home

Beautiful beachy communities are perfect for those craving a slice of serenity and on-the-water fun—but don’t just settle for location alone. Here are five fun ways to enjoy beach living at home, including décor tips that help you keep the coastal spirit alive long after you head home from shore for the day.

Enjoy Beach Living at Home

Enjoy Beach Living at Home


Start with a blank, breezy canvas

Life at the beach is all about simplicity and laidback living, so opt for an equally understated color palette in your home. White, light gray or beige walls are excellent options for establishing a sense of breezy beach vibes in your space, though light blues can also be used to make a splash, too! When it comes to cabinetry and flooring, the same ideas apply—lighter wood options will convey the coastal charm you are looking for.

Decorate your home with coastal charm

Speaking of coastal charm…

You can continue the beachy backdrop with fun accents like sea-glass bowls or a beautiful backsplash; nautical décor like ship wheels and anchor hangings; or sea animal figurines throughout your space. There is no shortage of ways to introduce your love of the ocean through decorative accents like these (and more!).

Discover the convenience of a beachgoer’s “mud room”

Up north, in cooler climates, mud rooms are used to help families keep their mud- or snow-covered boots and other belongings out of the main home—like a convenient pit stop between the outdoors and the clean comfort of indoors. The same idea can apply to your beach escape! Establish a side entry or even your laundry room as the beach clean-up spot, with storage for towels, a place to hang wet suits and other handy essentials.

Pick a home with a beautiful pool

When choosing from Palm Coast new homes and other coastal cities, you often get to enjoy the benefit of a beautiful backyard pool! Having a backyard pool can help you keep the fun going after a great day at the beach, with a poolside barbecue for dinner or some splashing fun for a midday break. Showcase your pool with large picture windows, if possible, to help keep the aquatic motif alive throughout your entire space.

Let the light in

To really convey the coastal feeling at home, you will want to let in ample natural light—after all, what is a great beach day if not soaked in sunshine? Expansive windows can help you showcase your view outdoors while illuminating your space for everyday activities like cooking or lounging around with a good book. Of course, we know that beach climates can deliver strong, sunny rays to your home, so blackout curtains or charming coastal shutters can be added to shield your home when you’re away, keeping your furniture, flooring and other décor pieces looking their best for months and years to come.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to enjoy a one-of-a-kind coastal experience right at home!


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