5 Reasons to Invest in Email Marketing

Even though social media has greatly grown in popularity and importance in recent years, email still plays a big role in online marketing. Many studies have revealed that email remains one of the preferred forms of communication in the business world. The numbers speak for themselves. It’s estimated that more than 220 million electronic mails are sent each day. About 60% of those messages are being exchanged between businesses as well as between businesses and consumers.

This raises the questions: Why many businesses still prefer emails, and is the email marketing worth the investment? Here are the top five reasons to go with email marketing:

1. Widest Reach

Nobody calls into question the importance of social media marketing. Yet, email is still enjoying the widest reach these days. That’s because email lets you reach people who aren’t accessible on social networks. Given the fact that raising security and privacy concerns pertain to social media, it’s very likely that the number of email users will be growing in the years to come. That means the larger reach.

2. The Best ROI

It has emerged that email marketing can yield more than 30 dollars for every dollar spent. The return on investment (ROI) often falls somewhere between 3,000% and 4,000%. Compared to other forms of marketing, either traditional or digital, this is far and away the highest ROI.

3. Strong Relationships

While many people prefer using social media and instant messengers to stay in touch with friends and family, businesses make use of emails to maintain contact with clients. The reason is that email allows for a highly professional channel, which is especially true in case of B2B marketing. By virtue of the great reliability, consistency, and longevity, email affords an easy way of keeping in touch with clients and subscribers. It also helps in building strong relationships with consumers over time.

4. Valuable Data

Another big plus of email is that it provides a whole host of valuable data that help you get a feel for the efficiency of a marketing strategy. By getting a better understanding of analytical information and data, you can examine different marketing messages and choose ones that work best for your marketing campaign. There is a wealth of email marketing platforms that provide precious analytics by which you can see the weak and strong points of a certain campaign. Your task is to identify the best email marketing service that enables you to simply manage your customer outreach.

5. Lead Generation

When it comes to marketing — whether it is in the form of signups, sales, or leads — it all comes down to driving conversions and gaining paying customers. Therefore, make certain all of your leads are accounted for. Email is considered to be the excellent platform for generating business leads. By providing an efficient and quick way to establish communication with clients, it often yields a lot of promising leads.

Email offers a meaningful and personal way to easily reach target audience. Considering other benefits mentioned above, it comes as no surprise that this is the marketing priority of many businesses. It’s definitely worth investing in email marketing. You only need to find a way to turn it to your advantage.


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