5 Tips for Generating SEO-Friendly Content

The SEO industry as a whole expounds that “content is king,” while Google continually emphasizes the value of content through numerous algorithm alterations that have taken place over the past number of years. However, search engines are not always clear with respect to factors that ensure your content is superior, which in turn would help your website to rank higher.

Here are five tips for creating content that the search engines will love.

SEO content

Make It Unique

Avoid duplicating your content. Should your website consist of duplicate content, it will be far less likely to gain high rankings in search, given that plagiarized content is frowned upon.

With respect to Google, it’s a way of saying that your content – and indeed, your product or service – is little different to that of your competitors. That said, it’s your job to assess how you are different to your competitors and then highlight those differences within your web content.

Include Keywords

Years ago, those who had an eye for SEO would optimize content by way of stuffing keywords in order to achieve higher search engine rankings. Keywords are still extremely valuable in terms of gaining ranking places, but keyword stuffing will more than likely receive nothing short of a search engine penalty.

Search engines, particularly Google, now rely on more than a single keyword to determine the focus of a particular webpage. Thus, be sure to create your own content in a user-friendly fashion. Employ content that combines numerous keywords that are related to your industry.

Use Relevant and Quality Images

Web content no longer merely applies to text. Instead, it includes any form of material that provides some value to the end user, and that also means the use of images.

Ask yourself: When you visit a restaurant, would you prefer to look at a menu that relies solely on text, or one that employs attractive images of the cuisine, which serves to make the dish appear more appetizing? In a similar fashion, quality images used on your webpages work well to elevate the content, thereby enhancing the “appearance” of your company, and hopefully increasing page conversion.

And what does the word “quality” mean with respect to images? The images ought to match well with the content, include alt tags that adhere to your content, and they should load quickly.

Authority, Expertise, and Trust

When assessing content, Google in particular assesses three areas.

Authority: What is that makes your own business an authority? If your business is localized, you can discuss how your products or services work well to meet the needs of the areas’ residents.

Expertise: Position your business as an expert. Any credentials and certifications should be included on your website, and your posts/ articles should be lengthy to place your knowledge fully on display.

Trust: Your business’ capabilities can be seen to be enhanced through reviews and customer testimonials. These days, potential clients will always value insights gained from previous and current customers.

Enough of the Right Thing

There’s no magic numbers in terms of the quantity of words that should be written for each page of content. An appropriate length of content varies depending on industry and also on the provisions of the company.

However, rather than focusing on the correct amount of content that will suit the desires of the search engines, instead, place your focus on the correct amount of content to suit your customer base.

How do you know when this is achieved?

Ask yourself if you’re providing complete value to those that are reading your content.

Every page on your site has a purpose to fulfill. The potential customer should come away feeling satisfied and sure about what your company is able to offer.

As an example, the “Contact Us” page should include your business’ phone number, address, e-mail, and ideally some instruction as to how you might be found within your locale. In terms of a product description, the potential user will wish to learn about the product’s benefits, the spec, cost, sizes and colors that you offer.

Outstanding Content Works to Encourage Search Engines and the End User

The establishment of SEO-friendly content is not such a difficult task. There’s no magic formula to be followed; there’s no perfect word count either. It simply comes down to producing engaging and relevant information that demonstrates why a potential customer would wish to invest in your company. Whatever this means for your business is entirely up to you.

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