5 Accessories Every Laptop Owner Needs

So, you’ve bought yourself a new laptop and you’re excited to start taking it everywhere with you. However, before you go throwing it in your bag, here are just a few things you should consider purchasing in order to bring out the full potential of your machine. You wouldn’t go camping with just a tent, so take a look at this list to be truly prepared for anything.


1.  Case

If you do a lot of traveling, then wrap your machine up tight. There are the traditional, large carry cases for your machine but if you want to put it in your own bag then I would recommend a laptop sleeve available from retailers such as Amazon: they’re small, they come in lots of colours and patterns, and they’ll protect your laptop from nicks and scratches that can occur in transit. If you’re looking for some true armour then maybe consider a hard shell case for the laptop itself (though remember to buy one specific to your laptop model).

2.  Flash drive

Thumb drives, USB drives and memory sticks, are all amazing for quickly transferring files from one computer to another. There is a dazzling array of them out there but simplicity is always best. Look out for devices that make them hard to forget such as being able to attach them to keys. In terms of size, there’s rarely a need for anything over 32GB, so look for a small, cost effective drive.

3.  External Hard Drive

Whilst it might be tempting to put all your eggs in one basket, you’re going to want to back up your system to prevent huge loss of data. These are also useful for your libraries, which may be starting to take up valuable space on your hard drive. These include photos, music and games. One terabyte (1024 gigabytes) is good value for money for storage space versus cost. Even better, these don’t usually require external power, making it even easier to back up on the go.

4. Screen cloth

A clean laptop is a happy laptop. It’s inevitable that accidental finger smudges or blemishes might appear on your monitor, so be prepared. There are packages out there that include a smooth cloth and some solution made specifically for LCD screens. There is an alternative, however: disposable wipes made for glasses can also do the trick, on a budget. There are also guides online from sites such as PC Advisor, so read up and pack some cleaning essentials.

5.  USB mouse

As convenient as your trackpad is, it’s not ideal for extended periods of use, especially for precision activities like gaming. Luckily, external mice are a dime a dozen. Whilst buying a wired version might be cheaper it’s almost certainly more practical to pick up a wireless one; no tangled wires and no fuss to set up. Even better, they work on a variety of surfaces including your leg – ideal for cramped spaces and public transport.


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