Make Enterprise Mobile Apps Work for You

Mobility has slowly been transforming the business world with the increased usage of mobile devices among citizens. Because of this, enterprises are driven to use mobile solutions to reach consumers and increase mobile productivity of their commuting workforce. Enterprise mobile apps provide diverse solutions and alternatives that can streamline business processes and improve customer satisfaction. These are just some of the many benefits of mobility apps when they are used the right way.

There are four types of mobility apps available for enterprises, each type having an advantage for any business. How can you make these apps work for you?

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Line of Business

These lightweight applications are geared towards all the sectors of a business. Line of Business (LOB) applications can be accessed from tablets, laptops, or mobile phones and can boost business productivity and efficiency. Apps included in this category cover various business sectors such as data procurement, human resources, support and sales. Utilizing Line of Business apps allows for real-time communication with clients, which can result in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. When managers, team leaders and other concerned employees have all the information they need within reach, they become more productive and can work towards a single goal for the business.

Industry Apps

Industry applications are process-oriented apps that focus on a particular area of the business. These apps utilize the ideal practices for a specific sector, whether the business comes across common or unique challenges in the value chain. Industry apps provide specific solutions that can be solved through different means such as mobilizing, connecting and improving visibility. Employing the best practices for all sectors of an enterprise ensures success and boosts the business’s value.

Analytics Apps

Reporting and gathering data is more convenient with analytics apps. These applications are capable of collecting large amounts of data and allow for real-time reporting anytime, anywhere. Enterprises with field workers can make the most out of these apps and save time, especially when working in far locations. Furthermore, results are seen faster, which results in effective decision-making that can be done even when on the go. Analytics apps also include those that deal with probability analysis, risk-awareness and work order completion.

Consumer Apps

Consumer apps are those that improve the way a brand engages with their target audience. Examples of these apps include mobile banking, social networking and those that allow businesses to sell their products and services to customers through mobile devices. Making use of consumer apps makes it more convenient for consumers to reach a business anywhere they may be. Consumers also receive instant notifications regarding new promotions, products or services that you have to offer. Engaging with customers provides a more personal approach that can boost customer satisfaction.

Implementing the use of enterprise mobile apps can have a positive impact on enterprises when used with a mobility strategy that answers the needs of common problems that arise from running a business. Being flexible, embracing the mobile app trend and making these apps work for your business is one way to achieve a successful enterprise.


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