AI Medical Applications: Why Your Healthcare Institution Will Soon Adopt Conversational AI

After making waves in business and society, conversational AI is now entering the healthcare industry as well. It is proving to be an especially worthwhile endeavor due to the enhanced quality of patient care, reduced costs, and improved efficiency of medical professionals that this disruptive technology provides. This is why Dr. Hologram has worked hard to bring our very own conversational AI, Jor-El, to the market. There are tangible benefits of integrating telemedicine AI which is why we are highlighting a few reasons why your institution will soon be next in line.

Conversational AI

Improving Efficacy of the Healthcare Industry

By utilizing language processing, the speech technology integrated into artificial intelligence saves time and improves productivity by taking administrative tasks off the plates of healthcare professionals. Information about things like preparing for routine check-ups can be standardized and distributed to patients through conversational AI, which means healthcare workers can devote more of their time towards specialized efforts.

Streamlining Communication Between Patient and Provider

The healthcare industry involves plenty of complex terms and vocabulary that are highly specific to medicine. Fortunately, conversational AI are programmed to recognize these industry-specific words such as those pertaining to surgical terms, procedures, and diagnostic tests. With telemedicine AI at your disposal, your patients will have every tool they need right at their fingertips to understand the complex language that may be used in their treatment without requiring direct contact.

Enabling Remote Diagnosis and Care

Conversational AI provides patient education – both pre-op and post-op – and homecare that is all streamed conveniently to patients’ mobile devices. With this tool at your disposal, your healthcare institution can deliver telemedicine support at an unprecedented scale. Patients can speak with their conversational AI to ask about potential symptoms before ever consulting with a doctor. This eases the strain on healthcare institutions by allotting more time to providers for other tasks.

Consistently Monitoring Patients

Telemedicine tools have been revolutionized ever since the start of the pandemic in the United States in early 2020. Now, the importance of safely providing healthcare at any distance is more evident than ever. Conversational AI are designed to engage patients in elaborate conversations so that healthcare providers can keep accurate tabs on their patients – and do it efficiently, too.

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