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The human mind is a strange beast. It’s also a copycat. Why else would all SEO experts do the same thing again and again? In this situation many of us forget that there are some tools out there , like Alexa which can lead to superior SEO. Alexa ranks 30 million websites worldwide. This means you can get insight over the entire spectrum of websites.

Alexa seo

Alexa has two flavors

Alexa has paid and free tools. I have tried all of them and found them very powerful. The site audit is indeed amazing. I will discuss this tool in detail later. The other two free tools I want to mention here are Alexa toolbar and traffic rank & reputation. These tools can be used to optimize your website and gather insight into your competitors.

Alexa site audit

As part of site audit you get a detailed analysis of 10,000 pages of your website. Obviously not every site has this many pages. In fact most of the sites I have seen have less than thousand. Even if you have fewer pages, it’s worth going for Alexa site audit. You get automatic reports twice a month with detailed recommendations on each aspect of your site SEO. You can even go for a single report and then evaluate usability of the tool.

The site audit consists of a landing page audit which is important. It also provides overall grade and information on Redirects, Anchor Text, Broken Links, Dead End Pages, Page Not Found, Long URLs and Duplicate Content. It also calculates the download speed which is a factor considered by Google for ranking purposes.  It also evaluates your site security, errors in servers and duplicate Meta descriptions. It can be seen that the site audit is extensive and comprehensive covering all aspects of SEO.

The free Alexa toolbar

I would recommend this for everyone having a blog or website. Even if you don’t have one, you can install it for fun. With this tool I could instantly discover who my competitors are in car title loan in California and auto title loan in Los Angeles. It displays similar sites and also provides other useful information. The Alexa toolbar is available for all browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Digging into backlinks

This is perhaps the most exciting use to which you can put Alexa. Creating good backlinks can be a pain in the back. The pain can be reduced and even eliminated if you use Alexa. You have to simply find out about the links your competitor has by using Alexa. This is an extremely simple task. In Alexa backlinks are called reputation. By replicating the same backlinks you can quickly create great backlinks without any research or home work. It’s truly an amazing tool for discovering backlinks.


Alexa is definitely an exciting tool for SEO guys. It has free and paid tool to enhance your website optimization and for discovering backlinks. I would recommend it to all website owners and bloggers.

Sarah Waters lives in Los Angeles and blogs on various subjects including tech and financial news.   She writes to help consumers maximize their potential. She also writes for websites offering car title loans in Los Angeles and car title loans in California  area.


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