Top 10 Android navigation apps

In this rapidly changing technological world everything is changing day by day from computers to mobile phones. Android based phones are the latest addition in this scenario. These types of phones are rapidly becoming hot choices among the mobile customers. This OS based phones have already attracted attention of many users and continue to create a buzz all over. In fact, in terms of performance and stability android phones are considered better than iPhones. This is simply because of its various applications which make your android work better. Android based phones are the finest place to get all the necessary applications that a user wants in his or her mobile phone.


Here are the lists of top 10 available android navigation applications:

1. Google Maps Navigation

 Android phones with version 1.6 and higher, the facility of google maps with navigation is available. This is the most popular GPS apps among android phones with version 1.6 and higher. It has many features that no other GPS apps can provide including street location, satellite views among many.

2. Astro File Manager

 If you want to find your own way through the Android file system then you would need the apps namely Astro File Manager. It is most likely like windows explorer. These apps will definitely make you feel that your phone had changed to a computer.

3. Seesmic

Android based phones had many twitter apps, although Seesmic had some faithful supporters. The biggest advantage of Seesmic is that it supports numerous accounts. It shows the most current tweets made in a professionally designed way.

4. Mobile maps

Mobile maps can be directly downloaded into your android phone which was originally developed in UK. This app helps you get free image and satellite navigation facility into your android device. When you are switching to a new direction, this app works like a satellite navigation device. You automatically get direction from your android phones GPS system.

5. Places Directory

As the name suggest, Places Directory helps you to locate your nearby places in different categories like hotels, ATMs, restaurants, banks, and Movie Theater. With the help of this application you can easily obtain the perfect road or street location and road to your chosen destination.

6. Weather Channel

As the name implies, weather channel is a weather application. It gives the user accurate information about current weather situation with details about wind speed, humidity, rain forecast and UV index. In addition, Weather Channel apps provide hourly update of weather and advanced 10 day prediction of climate from any particular day.

7. Google Voice

Google voice is a service that gives you any particular phone number that will ring at more than one devices and places. It helps you to access all your text messages and voicemails on the web. If you want strict privacy then outgoing calls can be made with the help of this application in such a way that the receiver gets google voice number not your original phone number.

8. Advanced Task Killer (ATK)

Advanced Task Killer is one of the most salient navigation apps of android phones. It helps to manager your apps better and ensures that performance and life of the battery is not spoiled.

9. Astrid

Androids Simple Task Recording Dashboard or ASTRID helps you to do lists of your regular activities on your phone and systematically maintain your life with the help of the phone. It gives you your deadline of any particular event, meeting and also reminds you of your day to day activities.

10. BeyondPod

The BeyondPod apps are integrated with the Android music player. If you want to manage and find video and audio podcasts then you must need the help of these apps.

So with the help of the above following navigation apps one can definitely use android phones in a much simpler way so that it can be used as a portable computer when compared with a mobile phone.

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