A collection of apps for the web pro to make data tracking easier

Today’s web professional is always on the go and always searching for that data that will make their sales soar and their lives easier. This collection of apps can help you do just that, and there’s a meditation app thrown in for the end of the day when you need to de-stress.  Click on a few and see if you don’t like what they have to offer.


Simple photo editing and presentation that makes you look like a pro.

tn3 gallery

tn3Gallery is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily manipulate, enhance and share your photos. With slideshows, transitions and albums galore you’ll have plenty of tools to arrange and show off your pics, and you can do it all from right in the program without the need for external tools. It’s more of a time waster than a time saver, unless you’re quite the pro photog, but it’s fun.

Best Feature – Their Free version is very powerful.

Mighty Deals

Excellent prices on web tools that you can actually use.


The problem with most ‘deal’ sites is that they offer great deals but on junk or filler that won’t help you out in the slightest with your work on the web.  Mighty Deals has great deals on web tools that you can use, like website templates and vector graphics, making them a standout among the many deal sites. They change up daily so check back often, and be sure to click on their ‘deal of the day’.

Best Feature – They have a freebies page with free stuff, my favorite price.


Schedule your Tweets for maximum impact.


If you are big on Twitter (and these days many are) then you know that sometimes it’s a chore to keep track, schedule Tweets, and track your results. With Timely you have an app that does all the hard work for you, including to schedule your tweets based on your history. If you’re a casual Twitter user than there’s no need for this app, but if you Tweet like there’s no tomorrow you should check it out.

Best Feature – Timely analyzes your past 199 tweets to figure out the best time slots to post yours.


Find that bit of info wherever it is. Fast.


We’ve all been there; desperately searching for that little bit of information that we received last week, last month, last year. Where is it?  The computer, phone, tablet? Is it in your email or in a Tweet or Post?  With Greplin all these questions and all that stress are reduced to one search app that will quickly and easily find that data. Ahhhhhh. It’s on the iPhone only for right now but worth a look, especially if you’re always looking.

Best Feature – Greplin works with all of your messaging platforms


Monitor and track your metrics and data with a simplified app.


If you run an online business or, like most, multiple online businesses you know that the need for data is constant but that the very same data that you need can also cause data overload that leaves you frozen. With Ducksboard you have all that data at your fingertip and can work with it in real time to change things up as fast as the internet moves. If you don’t need data you don’t need this app, but if you’re a web mogul you darn well do.

Best Feature – Their widget building tool lets you make custom widgets to track your data your way.


Track your time, stay on budget.


Like tomatoes in a restaurant hours in the service industry will spoil and go to waste if they aren’t used in a timely manner. Tick gives you an app to help you track those hours and use them before they spoil, and before your budget goes overboard. Tick might not be the most glamorous app out there but it does what it’s intended to do; track your time and keep you on budget. Good enough for me.

Best Feature – An extremely simple interface that won’t waste your time with superfluous info.

Stay Happy

An app that helps keep you positive.

stay happy

Many of us are so busy taking care of our businesses that we forget to take care of ourselves. The Stay Happy app for the iPhone is an app that will take care of you, allowing you to meditate wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. The app comes with meditation exercises that can lift your mood and raise your affinity for mankind. Or whatever. If you’re a happy go lucky person you could skip this one, but if you want some mind food on the go check it out.

Best Feature – Stay connected to Twitter and FaceBook even while you’re using the app.


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