How to Beat Procrastination and Start Working on Your Term Paper

Procrastination is a problem we all face at one point in our lives, at times we struggle to complete certain tasks and end up postponing it until we cannot avoid doing it. At times, you will find yourself staring at a blank screen of your laptop then decide to do something else. All these are signs of procrastination. In simple terms, procrastination means avoiding what you do not want to do by doing what you like doing despite knowing that you still need to perform the task eventually. Most students are known to procrastinate essential tasks. Students find themselves unable to finish their assignment because they feel less motivated.

Everyone procrastinates at some point. However, avoid some important tasks can be one of the major causes of stress. Procrastination occurs when students feel they are not competent  enough. They fear to make mistakes, hence they put off important tasks for another day, which at the end of it, and they will have no choice but to perform such tasks.  It is not surprising that many students prefer buying custom term papers because they cannot beat the deadline.

How to beat procrastination

Some of the common tips to avoid procrastination include breaking down the task into smaller sections.  Writing an assignment in bits will help the student focus on one assignment at a time. Completing one task before engaging in the next task will help you move step by step without worrying about the huge task ahead.  For example, writing a term paper with more than 20 pages, students can allocate specific time to write a few pages in a day instead of procrastinating the whole task until the last minute.

Break down tasks into smaller

Students can break down tasks into smaller manageable tasks to make work easier and complete the task with the required period.  Having study tasks divided into smaller parts makes it easier to utilize your time wisely.  Most students worry about how to write a term paper and would want to come up with a perfect essay. They engage in reading too many articles and spend a lot of time doing unnecessary tasks but not the main task. Avoiding perfection will help students not to procrastinate, but focus on the tasks ahead.

Spend one-third of your time on work

Writers at EssayKitchen suggest that the best strategy to stay productive is to organize your days of the week whereby one-third of your time should be spent on work, with another one-third on performing motivational tasks.The, other one third should be set aside for rest. Using this rule, students will spend their time wisely and avoid procrastination. Most of the tasks we procrastinate are always unpleasant and make us feel exhausted very first.

Complete a certain portion of the task

So long as you have accomplished a specific part of  tasks within a period, one will be on the right track and need not worry about the fast-approaching deadline. Even if you have a  lot work ahead of you, the fact that you have completed a certain portion of the task should motivate you to continue with the task the next day. Completing work in bits will help you stop procrastinating and improve your studies.

Eliminate distractions

The most important tips to avoid procrastination is to eliminate distractions, it is important to focus on one task and complete it  instead of mixing up different tasks. Social media is one of the most common distractions that students need to avoid using. Everyone   has  his own way of learning; some might use mind maps while others prefer listening to audios. People might claim that their methods are effective, however, it is important to develop your way of learning. Through trial and error method one, will eventually find the best way to stay productive and avoid postponing tasks.

Set a deadline

Setting yourself specific deadlines will help you achieve more, setting time limits and keeping track of your progress will enable you to achieve your academic goals.  For example, if you want to write 10,000 words within two weeks, it’s important to plan on the number words you need to write in a day, which needs to be realistic and can be achieved. Students need to identify the best time when they fell alert; most people prefer working early in the morning. However, you can still choose the most appropriate time, maybe in the afternoon. Utilizing your time wisely will help you avoid procrastination.

Take your time

Take your time when preparing for a task or an exam assignment, it is helpful to find former students to help you out, instead of going through every article and books. Ask anyone who already had completed the assignment to share some of the tips or give you some guidelines. If you cannot understand the assignment, seek guidance from the lecturer by asking questions relevant to the assigned work. People are capable of doing much more than they can imagine if they find the right motivation. Instead of finding  excuses to avoid working on your assignment, look at the big picture and review your future goals you would want to achieve,  these are some of the things that will motivate you to be serious enough to  work extra hours at complete your assignments


Procrastination is a common occurrence among students with its negative effects being known, almost everyone procrastinates, but procrastination is a habit we can easily eliminate by following the above tips. It is not an easy process, but it can be done.


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