How to Write a Perfect Essay

Perfect essay writing is a skill that anyone can learn if taken through the essential features. The art of writing may appear confusing to some people. This is because  just like any other skill or art, it takes time and practice for one to be good at it.

Since most people have already formed an attitude towards writing and how hard it is, it is impossible to keep practicing it. It is also vital for a person who wishes to learn how to write a perfect essay to be an avid reader. perfectly explains that; through reading articles, blog posts, well-written books in and paying attention to how these authors write has a direct impact on one’s writing skills.

Most people also assume that writing college assignments is difficult because they do not consider it as a process but an event. Writing a perfect essay is to some extent a process of the thought process, introductions, messy drafts and tedious revisions, resulting in a polished piece.

Questions to answer

An important thing to note is that the basic criteria of an essay are reasonably logical. An essay answers three questions in the mind of the reader; what, how and why. Most essays have a structure that comprises of three major sections; these include the introduction, the body, and the summary.


An outline, in essay writing, helps you to puts your thoughts in order even before you begin writing. Through following a few steps, you can develop an outline for your essay. Choose a topic then decide the primary purpose of your essay, create a list of points that you want to put across, consolidate the major positions or arguments into a relatable structure, flesh out the points you categorized and finally review what you have and make necessary adjustments if need be.

Introduction writing

In the introduction section of the essay, one is required to introduce the subject matter or the topic to the reader after which you state a thesis statement. Characteristically, this should be achieved in one paragraph if it is a short essay but longer for essays that are more detailed and lengthy. First and foremost, introduce the topic.

The opening paragraph(s) should provide the reader with a brief familiarization of the topic under discussion in addition to providing a conceptual outline or map of what to expect in the rest of the essay.

Thesis statement

Next, present your thesis statement. The thesis statement is important because it is the focal point of your essay and should, therefore, touch on the essay topic. A thesis should be arguable and not just a bunch of facts stated or an expression of taste. For example,” Bourne Ultimatum is a good movie” would not make a good thesis since it is a matter of taste. Likewise, “George Washington was the first president of the United States” is also not a good thesis, as it simply states a fact.

Most students also forget that the thesis should be detailed. For instance, instead of simply stating that something or someone is “good” or “efficient,” explain how “good” it is or what makes it “efficient.” Also, ensure that the thesis statement is specific, clear and is not off topic. The thesis statement can be provided in one concise or sometimes two sentences. It is best to write it towards the end of introduction section.

Body paragraphs

The body section of your essay should be made up of several paragraphs that you plan to make use of to give support to your thesis statement. This support should in the form of justifications, reasons, arguments, and evidence to back up the thesis. The body is essential since it gives you the platform to freely explain and defend your claims in the thesis in detail.

Each paragraph in this section must have a topic sentence. The specific point you are trying to argue in a paragraph is the topic sentence which makes it a kind of mini-thesis. It’s sort of like a mini-thesis statement. Within the paragraphs, there are transition sentences that help you in linking different points from each paragraph, therefore, making smooth transitions from the previous paragraphs. For example, “To put it briefly…” or “As has been noted…”

In a perfect essay these transition sentences attempt to relate different points within the body and state how they back up the thesis creating a connection between all the paragraphs. Since this is the most extensive section of the essay, it is wise to use subsections.

Conclusion writing

The summary part of the essay which some people refer to as the conclusion is essentially a brief recap of all the points you have stated and argued in the essay and particularly the body. In this section, you need to reiterate your thesis statement but rephrase it as opposed to using the same words you used to state it in the introduction section.

Subsequently, provide a concluding statement. This statement should address thesis implications, offer some ideas to resolve ideas to the problems discussed in the essay, or state how important the thesis is.

Final tips on how to write a perfect essay

Writing a perfect essay is simple if you have an outline since the outline provides not just guidance when writing but also structure and content of the paper. It is also essential to have a good topic and an arguable thesis and to identify the purpose of your piece or what you desire to achieve through your essay. Once these aspects are laid out, it becomes easy to write a perfect essay. You should, however, avoid overwhelming your paper with a lot of facts and information, avoid plagiarizing as an essay needs to sound original and avoid addressing your reader in the paper.


The question ‘How to write the perfect college essay?’ will be a thing of the past once all the above steps are adhered to. Essay writing is a skill like any other requires practice; therefore, the more you practice, the better your writing becomes. With a good outline, an arguable thesis and a purpose, you can write the perfect essay.


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