Benefits of Using Google Hangout for Business

Introduced as an important replacement of Google + Messenger and Google Talk, Google Hangout has emerged as the most popular communication platform that includes features like video chat messaging and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Google Hangout, a popular video conferencing tool, has lots more to offer for your business, whether you own a startup or a full-fledged enterprise.

To use Google Hangout, you can integrate its API to your mobile application or website. An app development company will assist you in doing so in a better way.

With Google Hangout Business, you can easily get in touch with your employees, attend client’s calls, participate in video conferences, organizing webinars, etc. Apart from this, it helps you share important files through Google Drive. In other words, Google Hangout lets business owners get a complete flexibility to connect with anyone from any location and at anytime.

In this blog, we are going to discuss several other reasons that prompt businesses to use Google Hangout.

Make Announcements

Most of the time, organizations launch new services or modify the existing ones. And they inform the same to their target audience by publishing press releases on different websites or using other channels. Today, business leverages the power of Google Hangout to hold a press conference to announce new services or other things related to their businesses.

Organize Quick Meeting


As Google Hangout includes video calling feature, it facilitates business to conduct a quick meeting with their employees, whether they are in the office or at home, to discuss important issues for quick resolution. Similarly, you can organize a quick meeting for your clients as well, if they have any issues related to services and seeking to resolve immediately.

As an administrator, Google Hangout gives you a complete right to invite individuals or groups and can decide who can access it.

Organize Webinars

Businesses quite often conduct webinars to discuss various interesting and informative topics related to their own services. This not only helps them in connecting with their target audience in a better way but also helps them in making their network strong.

Google Hangout includes ‘On Air’ feature that lets business conduct webinars quite conveniently. It allows them to do live streaming directly from their website and broadcast to the audience. It uploads their videos on their YouTube account automatically.

Business Strategy and Consultation

Hangouts Business

For strategy and consultation services, businesses frequently interact with clients to discuss various important topics. Google Hangout lets business interact with clients face-to-face to make the session more interactive and successful, by letting clients understand everything quite easily.

Make Presentation Effective

Presentation is another most important business activity that takes place in any organization on a regular basis. Google Hangout makes presentation more effective and meaningful. It lets you explain every topic with clarity by focusing on facts, figures and diagrams.

Besides, Google Hangout also lets you invite to participate in presentation session even to those employees who are not present in office premises. They can join the session through video chat. Apart from office presentation, you can also impress your clients with an interactive presentation related to product design, layout, prototype, etc.

Screen Sharing

This is another most important reason why businesses prefer to use Google Hangout. It allows you to share your screen that you are working on with others who may be your employees, clients or others. Using Google Hangout, you can also ask your employees to share their screens to see their activities, work, etc. While travelling, you can use screen sharing feature to engage with your clients or employees to discuss important topics and convince them by sharing your screen’s visuals.


Google Hangout witnessed their huge acceptance among businesses for offering benefits like above. Apart from being an emerging communication platform, Google Hangout also works as an important marketing strategy for business and helps them in increasing brand recognition, offering service demos, etc.

So, if you are yet to use Google Hangout in your organization, you are far behind your competitors who already use it.




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