Infographic: Cold Sales Email and Social Proof

If you want to stay ahead in the marketing game, you must be successful at cold emails. If you are going for the status quo, then only 2-5% of your emails are triggering interest. Average is good. But, in sales and marketing, you need numbers, and 2-5% won’t cut it.

So, how do you go about developing a cold sales email plan to increase those open rates? Easy, you provide “social proof” to potential customers. Recent studies show that the phenomenon of social proof has increased open rates over 400%.

It’s simple psychology. By using social proof, customers make connections that they trust; therefore, they are more likely to purchase your products or subscribe to your service. Think about it. If you mention a shared LinkedIn contact, customers think you have something in common with them. And, the open rate increases over 400%.

You can also mention a famous investor. And, you will quickly see open rates skyrocket by over 100%. And, the mere mention of a someone famous should land you about 200% more opens.

Check out the studies conducted in the infographic below on how social proof works.


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