Best A2 Hosting Features

The A2 Hosting is known for their speeds, quick access and customer support that tends to be great but are they really great for your blog or websites? Let’s check out their features

  1. They are one of the fastest shared hosting providers

A2 Hosting claims the speed of up to 20 times faster than the other hosting providers. Some of the best trusted online brands load in under a second because taking 3 seconds to load will result in lots of lost website visitors (yeah, speed is important!). The page load time of A2 hosting comes with an average time of 376ms from the last few months which is faster than the industry average load time.

  1. Comes with Free “HackScan” for security

A2 Hosting provides their powerful preventive measures to keep hackers out of your site with the help of “HackScan” which is a free service with dual web hosting firewall, 24/7 monitoring security and customer support.

  1. Efficient and Quick Customer Service Support

As we know that A2 provides fastest load time except this, it follows their nodes of impressive performance with their helpful, efficient, quick, US-based customer support. They are always available 24/7 or 365 days to help you through chats, e-mails, phone, or ticket submission. The support representative is also very responsive, unbiased review, connected instantly within a minute to answer your all queries.

  1. Money back guarantee

The A2 will always stand behind their brands or product which offers a complete refund if you didn’t like the experience with A2 hosting within a period of 30-days except for the fees of domain registrations, setup fees, SSL certificate, and other migration fees.

  1. Green Web hosting

A2 will totally support and take care of the environment so that you can feel good about them as a web host. As we know that the A2 hosting is partnered with to battle climate change and you can totally get a safe environment just by having an A2 hosting account because the servers of A2 Hosting are “Carbon Neutral” as they purchased carbon offsets to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. For every amount of energy A2 hosting uses, have buying carbon offsets to make the world greener or cleaner place.

The company also allow their employees to telecommute to all the unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions, recycle old servers, planting trees during promotions.

The company is also the first providers that offer Solid State Disk Drives (SSDs) that use very less energy than the traditional HDDs.

  1. Free Content Delivery Network

In A2 hosting, you will able to use Cloudflare’s content delivery Network (CDN) with a free virus scanning. The Cloudflare will give route traffic to your website or blog to get the least resistance path which means you will get a faster speed, one-click setup, increased uptime, enhanced security as the CDN will block all malicious threats or viruses, and more.

  1. Compatible with Common Content Management System (CMS)

It comes with the A2 optimized WordPress plugin pre-installed if the select the Turbo Package of this hosting. While installing a popular content management system like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and other platform is a simple, one-click setup.

  1. Wide international presence

    A2 services are available in several locations and currencies. For server locations you can opt for the US East Coast, US West Coast, Europe (Amsterdam) or Asia (Singapore). They also offer UK Web Hosting as well as Canadian Web Hosting.


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