Online Drop Shipping Courses for You Based on Shop Reviews

There’ll always be new ways to earn a living or opportunities for investments as long as the world keeps evolving. With enough research, you’ll be able to discover such means of income generation and make the best decision about which to embark on.

In recent years, more people have sought passive ways of earning money. You may also be in this category of inspired entrepreneurs. If you’re one of them, great! You’re definitely in the right place.

Passive income generation is when you earn money with minimal effort or without playing a big part in the sales process. Such streams of income may require your active participation at the onset, then get less demanding in the long run.

Author Tom Corley, in his study on the income streams of the rich, was able to deduce that 65% of them had three streams of income, while 29% had five or more. His study also revealed that most of the extra sources of income were passive investments.

If you want to be a member of the millionaires club, you may want to look into passive income streams such as; real estate, funds, SaaS (Software as a Service), blogging, trading, website adverts, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, etc. For this article, there’ll be a focus on drop shipping and the courses you can take as a potential drop shipper. The information contained in this article will offer a good foundation for you to move to the next level in life.

drop shipping

Drop Shipping

This is a passive way of making money that involves the transfer of customers’ orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer of the products, the wholesaler, or another retailer who ensures that the goods get to the order destination. It requires a low budget and little effort. Drop shippers utilize a method of supply chain management. Read more about that here.

Most drop shippers get their profit based on the difference between the retail and wholesale prices. However, you can also earn a commission for every sale you make based on the stated percentage in the agreement.

Major drop shipping suppliers are primarily based in the United States. Since 2006, many of these firms have been springing up in China. A great number of them offer their services to both individuals and companies. This trend has been made possible due to developments in e-commerce.

A drop shipper might put items on display physically or list them in a hard copy. However, the internet has made online displays possible and this is what a great number of drop shippers are utilizing.

The opposite of drop shipping is called will call, where a customer picks up the goods directly from a wholesaler or a sellers place of business rather than at a retail shop.

How is it Different from Affiliate Marketing?

Many individuals cannot distinguish between the two business concepts. This is understandable because of their similarities. Drop shipping is different from affiliate marketing in terms of structure, where the latter involves directing the customers to the sellers.

In Affiliate marketing, you’re not trying to sell anything. Your job is to post content/articles, images, adverts/links, recommendations, and reviews about the products. You’ll have no control over the transactions of potential customers that visit your site after they must have clicked on the link you provided.

As an affiliate marketer, you have no control over pricing like drop shippers do. Affiliate commissions are generated for sales and leads happening directly on the third party merchant’s website.

Why Potential Drop Shippers Need To Take Online Courses

  • You need to take the online courses on drop shipping so as to know the best way to start the venture.
  • The courses will lead you on the right path away from internet-based home business scams.
  • Taking the courses will give you full understanding about the differences between an affiliate marketer and a drop shipper.
  • With the information shared by the instructors, you’ll know how to maximize profit, find the right suppliers, and many more.

Online Courses for You

Every year, new drop shipping courses are created by different instructors. Some instructors update their modules. Many courses have been reviewed on various websites for the sake of comparison and adequate insight. The creators and coaches were also discussed.

Based on the reviews on, you may be have a good selection to choose from. There are various drop shipping courses available online for the Shopify platform. Shopify is an e-commerce site that offers a vast range of goods for sale from retail point-of-sale systems and online stores. The company is based in Canada with its headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario.

The suite of services that Shopify offers online retailers include marketing, customer engagement tools, shipping, and payment systems. Shopify is available for shoppers worldwide.

You can find Shopify courses for potential drop shippers with prices lower than $1000. The contents of these courses are substantial and may contain videos, pictures, and what not. You’ll surely be getting value for your money.

Final Words…

Don’t just dive into this passive stream of income based on a few good articles you’ve read online. You need to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. You need to take an online course to know the proper steps to follow. With the wealth of knowledge and experience that the instructor is willing to share, you’re well on the way to having your very own success story.


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