How to Boost Your Brand With an Unforgettable Business Logo

If you thought that a business logo was only really important for global companies who seek to achieve worldwide recognition, you would definitely be missing an opportunity to boost your business profile.

Any business that has the desire to project a professional image to their customers, will benefit in their quest to achieve recognition at a local as well as national level, if they can create an unforgettable business logo.

Having a memorable business name such as Stinky Ink will help boost brand awareness but when you think how many times your logo will be viewed and all the places where it will be placed, it makes sense to spend a bit of time and money in creating a logo that ticks all the boxes.

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Understanding the purpose of a logo

It would be a good idea to take a moment to decide what a logo is and what it is designed to do, before you set about designing and creating one for your business.

A logo will be used to identify your company or a product made by you and although it does not actually sell your company directly, it will become a symbol of quality and a reflection of the quality of the service you provide or products that you sell.

You should always remember that a logo is often far more important than it may appear to be, so it is well worth investing you time and energy into getting the design right.

Build up your logo functionality

Every logo has to start somewhere and even household names will have taken time to establish what they stand for.

Once your logo becomes familiar with your audience, it will then function in the way that you intended it to when it was created. Your ultimate aim is to develop a logo that immediately identifies your business when people see it, which will take time to achieve but can be very rewarding when it functions as a symbol of what you stand for as a business.

Creating an effective logo

A logo obviously has to have some sort of relevance to the type of business that you run, so you have to consider this point when trying to design an effective logo.

The same design principles apply in most circumstances. An effective logo is one that is distinctive, appropriate, is visually effective and is able to convey your intended message.

Try to keep the design as simple as possible as it encourages easy recognition and also offers versatility. Memorability is equally as important as simplicity of design, so to achieve an effective logo, the trick is to have a simple but effective logo that achieves memorability too.

Enduring appeal

If you have long-term plans for your business then try to design a logo that is capable of enduring appeal.

Try to incorporate future-proofing into your design ideas, which means not choosing a style or image that could easily become dated rather than timeless.


Once you have come up with a couple of potential designs for your logo, carry out some research and see whether people can identify the industry your business trades in and also if they find it easy to see the relevance of the logo in relation to what you do and how your competitors are seen.

Creating an unforgettable business logo is always an easy task, but you can make the chances of succeeding with your design, if you ask enough questions during the process of coming up with something that represents your business and what it stands for.

John Sollars started Stinkyink way back in 2002, building it from the ground up. He likes to share what has worked for him with other business owners by posting online. His articles appear on many business, marketing and technology websites today. Keep up with Mr StinkInk himself on Google+.


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