Factors in which one can be influenced by Logo Design

A logo is not just a static symbol but also represents the significance of the visual identity of a brand. It is crucial to have an exceptional logo in order to leave an everlasting impact on a customer. A logo should have the power to display all the values that the specific brand carries. Before considering the factors that are influenced by the logo design, we need to understand the importance of the logo and what is it.

A logo should be the very first step when starting a business, as it acts as a keystone of the brand without knowing the type of business or brand you own. Every new business owner always suggested investing in making a logo to represent their brand and leaving a memorable impression of brand identity on the consumers’ minds. So, it is essential to have a professionally designed logo or you can take help from innovative logo design Orlando without which your audience would not be able to identify your company.

Factors in which one can be influenced by Logo Design

Importance of logo for the business

It is the face of your business

Basically a logo is a picture used to represent a specific brand that is correlated with your connection and experience with the company.

It drives the client decision making

By just looking at the brand logo we can make a judgment about the services and products offered by that brand. It is related to a previous experience that we had with the brand

It makes you different from your competitors

It directly related to the services and products of a business. Numerous companies might offer the same services which your brand and logo make you different from your competitors.

It allows for quick brand recognition

The words are difficult to remember and not enough to convey the services offers by brand, so a picture named logo is worth thousands of words. So the visual identity of a brand needs to be unique so that consumers can identify the brand quickly and easily.

Factors to influence the consumer by logo design

A business’s logo design holds its vision and also the message it wants to communicate with the clients. According to human psychology, a logo can influence customer purchase choices. All the aspects of logo design like the font style, logo design, color combination, lines, or shape have a fantastic impact on the mind of the consumers and also the sort of image they imagine regarding your brand.


The fonts of a logo design create an emotional connect with the consumers and associate with their mental response to letters and shapes. Fonts like ‘Arial’ and ‘Times New Roman’ is thought about mature as well as stable while many discover it uncreative. In contrast, ‘Comic Sans’ is considered happy. Each of the fonts has various emotions connected with it, and one has to keep in mind that they ought to be readable and also informative.


Lines are important to create definition and space in the logo. They make it simple to share the message as well as develop a distinction. Thin lines are weak and vulnerable while bolder lines provide strength to the layout. They develop focus and also focus on the logo design. The positioning of the lines impacts the result it creates on the audiences, and also thus it ought to be placed very carefully, so it does not convey any type of the wrong message. Vertical or Straight Lines supply dynamics as well as framework while, horizontal and diagonal lines recommend comfort, safety, and security, as well as movement or activity. Smooth lines are soothing as well as zigzag lines often show confusion and unpredictability.


Shapes play an essential part in the appearance of a logo. They can be geometrical, abstract, or natural. All the shapes have a certain effect on the attitude of the customers. Companies can choose the form of a logo that relates to their services or products.

  • Circles represent consistency, unity, infinity, or feminism.
  • Square or rectangular shape illustrates stamina, order, or stability.
  • Triangles are a directional fit. Consequently, it is required to be sensitive to their placement.

Symbolic shapes like hearts, stars, or arrows specify their particular definitions as well as contribute to the brand picture if you include them in your logo.

Stars share faith or nationalism while heart shape is associated with love, marital relationship, or a connection. Arrows are normally made use of in travel or goods supplying companies because they refer to motion or traveling. Shapes associated with nature has a deep effect on the mind of the clients. These pictures produce a clear message for individuals to recognize.


They are one of the strong attributes which stand out from any kind of customer. At times, cultural influence may additionally influence the understanding of a brand name. The designs of a logo and the colors made use of in it also has emotional referrals. Colors like Black or White portray maturation and refinement while bright colors are younger as well as full of energy. The selection of colors in your logo needs to select the brand name image and also the vision of your business.


To have an ideal logo design, you need to understand the proper structure for preparing all the components. The dimension of the item will generate even more focus on your logo. The bigger an object is, the more interest it gets. The spacing as well as placement of font likewise provides room for the human eye to absorb things in a better means. The factor is, create a logo design to make sure that it establishes a visual partnership with the consumers, and also they can quickly identify it among others. Avoid any type of white space and also try to keep it straightforward yet detailed.


You want your logo design to be easily well-known across all kinds of media. This is best accomplished by utilizing clear imagery and text.


Your logo design should conveniently equate from print to tv, social networks, and out of home marketing.


Preferably, customers need to have the ability to make a rational connection between your logo and your products/services. Having a rainbow as the logo design for an army boot firm may not fly.


Your logo design will not make much of a difference if people can not remember it. A good mix of creative thinking and also simpleness is needed.


In addition to having your logo design be memorable, you likewise require it to stand the test of time. Many of the brands whose logos we can quickly visualize psychologically have had the exact same branding for several decades.

Things to consider while designing a logo

Create an authentic logo

It is an integral part of your brand so, your logo design must be appropriate. The main purpose os not to have a reliable symbol only but it should be the authentic one. So it is the medium through which the audience can understand the perception of your business, services, or products.

Have a minimalistic logo design

For establishing a brand identity it is an effective way to have a minimalistic logo design. Do not include too much of photographs, text, images, or fine details which leads to losing clarity in small dimensions. So use simple symbols for more clarity and longevity.

Avoid using special effects

Special effects beveling, pattern, and drop shadows should be avoided, as these might be distorted or lost in some platforms and devices hence, reduces the effectiveness of good logo design.

Make justified use of colors

Colors in a logo design should be used to create a quick impression of your brand not to create a mess. Like, to express the authority and trust you can use blue or gray, and to express fun and energy you can go for orange or yellow.

Make use of several dimensions

It is the important factor to consider when creating a logo design as your brand image, and this can be made by using a variety of dimensions.


If you follow all the parameters explained above, then you can create an effective logo design and protect your brand identity linked with it. It is essential to have a registered brand as the customer trust those than the unregistered one. Just make sure you have created the appropriate, distinct, and appealing logo, which defines your brand.

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