What Makes A Logo Stand Out?

As the face of any company, association or body, a logo has to be well designed. A logo is the identity of the company and it determines the visibility and uniqueness of the company. You need the memory of your company to remain in the minds of whoever sees the logo and that is why your logo should stand out.

Regardless of how good your products and services are there is always a competition. A well-designed logo makes your brand attract the right market and stand out amongst the competition. To make your logo stand out and stay attractive, you need to consider some things.

logo standout

  • Be Original

The first thing that makes a logo stand out is originality and uniqueness. You can get inspired by other logos of different brands but it is important to put a lot of thought into your logo and come up with something that hasn’t been done before and something that reflects the core of the brand.

Customers can always trust and remember an original logo and this would make the logo stand out. A logo maker should be outsourced to create that unique logo you need to stand out

  • Less Is More

Have you ever considered the simplicity of the logo of top brands like Apple, Google? Apple logo is simply a bitten apple and Google is a ‘G’. This simplicity is why logos of these top brands stand out.

You don’t want your logo looking like a messy situation with a lot of things going on. A simple logo will stand out and stick to the memory of your target market, increasing visibility. Less is definitely more when you want your logo to stand out.

  • Pass A Message

Logos are not just aesthetically pleasing designs, they are also created to convey a message of the brand to anybody that views it. A meaning would help customers to relate to the brand and its products and services. This is why a logo has to pass a message across to stand out.

The meaning should be clear to read, decipher and relate to. Knowing your target audience and the message to be passed across is key before starting logo design. Discuss with the logo maker about the meaning of the brand and the message the logo should convey.

  • Choice Of Colour

The color of the logo is as important as the logo design. Also, the color can either make or mar the logo and the brand it represents.

Color attracts the market to your logo and its design and this increases visibility and patronage. Different colors pass across different messages. For example, blue is for professional designs, green for the environment, agro or any eco-friendly design, purple is for elegance and royalty, etc.

The choice of color also encompasses how colors are mixed and which colors are mixed with which. A logo maker knows perfect colors that will make your logo stand out, making it easier for you.

To Wrap It Up

Logo makes the first impression of your brand to viewers and potential customers. It is important you invest a lot of thoughts, time and resources to creating a logo that stands out and gives a lift to your business.


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