Choosing a web host rather than

Choosing a web hosting plan is more affordable, secure, reliable and faster than having a free blog on for the following 4 reasons.

  1. doesn’t support the independent domain name that you have to name the blog suffixed with, e.g. This means you cannot fully have the copyright of all your content, and you’re always limited by the terms & services of If someday you violate the terms careless, it’s risky that your site been turned off and you lose everything at a time.
  2. doesn’t allow you to place advertisement over the blog. This means, you’re contributing the but you cannot get anything linked to your hard work. You shall know, having a budget web hosting plan only costs $5/mo and having Google AdSense or affiliate programs on an independent site may help you make hundreds of dollars for a month.
  3. provides a few of blog themes and templates but NOT allow you to have the custom design, although a modern design is one of the most important factors to keep the blog readers even rather than the unique content.
  4. doesn’t allow you to upload Video files with the content, although the video can significantly improve the reading experience.

wordpress hosting

Rather than, there are many web hosting companies offering a WordPress hosting plan for an affordable rate from $3.5/mo to $5/mo, which includes a free domain name, automated WordPress site installation, some website advertising credits like Google AdWords credits, and get you to host unlimited websites with unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfers, unlimited webmail, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, and 1-click installation on the latest version of WordPress. But, generally, it’s not easy to get a right WordPress hosting service particularly for a newbie to the web hosting industry. Here are 5 tips to help you find a reliable WordPress hosting provider:

  1. Customer Supports – check whether the web host provides 24?7, United States based, sales and technical supports through live chat, community forum, email and telephone. You can ask for some technical questions with the technical or sale support to see their response time and experience.
  2. Site Installation and Migration – it is extremely easy to setup a new website with a web host which provides 1-Click WordPress site installation; and furthermore, some web hosting companies come with an awesome feature “free site migration service”. Customers who are shifting over from another web host or will get a temporary ‘platform’ to setup and test the sites before you make the actual move with the help from the technical support.
  3. Advance Security with w/suPHP – w/suPHP is not a common feature in budget web hosting, but a web hosting support this feature that this makes it stands out from others ? especially to you who want extra site protections.
  4. The Full Refund Trial Period – how long for the full money back guarantee that determines how long you can get to refund the money paid in full if you cancel the account on the first some days.
  5. Read Customer Reviews – read the customer reviews of a web host before your purchase. You can search the reviews in Google generally, but some web hosting review sites are more specific to these concerns. Take an example. You can find a WordPress host at BestHostingSearch.NET or WordPressHostingReview.NET that they list 30+ trusted providers and include over 3000 customer reviews accordingly.

Conclusion Any bloggers or writers who want budget hosting solution should consider hosting their sites at WebHostingHub. The affordable price, reliable service, responsive customer service, 90 days FULL money guarantee, and fast WordPress page loading – it is hard not to find a competitive solution elsewhere.


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