3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Company’s Blog

Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are all important tools you can use to help bridge the gap between your company and your potential clients. With all the web 2.0 tools at your disposal, it can be difficult to figure out how much time you should spend on each of your efforts to connect with the public online. One thing is certain, however, you shouldn’t neglect your blog. Yes, it takes longer to write a blog post than it takes to Tweet or post a picture on Facebook. However, writing regular blog posts gives you a chance to give people an in-depth look at what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t skip out on blog posts:

1. Your blog is one of the most effective mediums to use when you’re trying to build your brand.

build your brand

You have unlimited space on your blog to write about who you are, what you’re passionate about, and what you’re doing for people. Your blog is your chance to establish your credibility and brand yourself as one of the market leaders in your sector, based on all the cool things you’re doing and all the cool things you know about.

2. It’s one more place for people to find you.


The more visible you are on the Internet, the better. Of course, you don’t necessarily want people to stumble upon your company blog if it hasn’t been updated in a year. If people find your blog and see that you’re writing recent, relevant, and fresh content, they’ll be more likely to further investigate what you’re doing and how they can potentially do business with you.

3. Your blog is a way for you to build ties.

blog community

People who are serious about blogging like other bloggers. If you post engaging content and link to other people’s engaging content on your blog, you’ll generate interest from other bloggers. Your blog creates an opportunity for you to interact with the worldwide blogging community, form some meaningful ties, and maybe get a few links from people who like your content. And, as you know, links mean a lot in terms of search engine ranking.

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