Content Marketing with Different Marketing Channels

When it comes to making unique identity and obtaining recognition on World Wide Web, it becomes vital to pay much attention on high quality content. Whether it is your blog posts, newsletters or social media updates, creating great content is very important for achieving success on the world of internet. Advancement of technology and emergence of social media marketing have purged the requirement of traditional marketing approach. There is nothing wrong to say that content marketing is the heart of all marketing techniques on the web.

Producing quality content and presenting it in front of the right audience demand great skills and high level of creativity. Fortunately, there are already a handful of marketing channels that are really effective for content marketing. These channels are quite helpful for small business owners who can’t afford a huge amount of money on marketing and business promotion. Here’s a closer look at some of the content marketing channels.


SlideShare offers an online hub to share documents, presentations, and professional videos. In current high-tech era, this visual approach of distributing information is becoming one of the most important traits of the web. Even, many content starving companies are opting for this technique. In such practice, you need to upload your best presentations in order to start occupying the social web with significant content. This tool is highly indexed by the search engines and offers you the facility to assign keywords to every presentation. SlideShare illustrates its content marketing approach suiting specific business needs and offer content that fulfils the requirement of the customers.


Content marketing through listserves is a quite effective way to promote your content. Best part of this tool is that, it does not allow spamming and if someone tries to perform the same, he/she may get banned. However, it does not let you to promote every piece of content you write, but you can efficiently promote specific content as per listserve members’ interest. Appropriate content marketing on listserves can radically boost up the readership of promoted content.


LinkedIn is a profitable idea for those who want to create micro-content. Approximately 750,000 LinkedIn groups are covering all possible business interests. All you need to do is to go to the ‘Search’ function at the top of the page, highlight the ‘Groups’ and seek few groups that have compatible people who might be interested in you. If you are involved in any specialized field, you can start your own interest group. And then, find out Q&A forums and get connected with them. Just by answering some queries in LinkedIn Group Forums, you can make some incredible connections and obtain significant content that will surly attract lots of people towards your website. Make sure to create a complete and effective LinkedIn profile so that people can get sufficient information about you when they ‘click’ on your profile.


This site is quite helpful to make connections through micro-content. Twitter is a great idea to attract target audience. It is worthless to work on micro-content on Twitter, if you get collapse to draw sufficient amount of traffic. Twitter offers dozens of tools which you can use for making your Twitter profile and for attracting a good number of potential customers. Feedera, News.Me, Summify are some important tools which let you to make summary of your tweets from Twitter lists or users you are following. This summery can be used in your marketing practice by email and via a public page. It makes marketing practice simpler, all you need to do is to share good stuff and inform people about it.

These days, you can see a ‘tweet’ button on almost every article, post and video. That means, when you find anything interesting, you can share it on Twitter within few seconds. If you are connected with interesting people, you can obtain regular flow of relevant content from them. You can re-tweet, when you come across something great.


If you are doing marketing for a retail business then making your presence on Pinterest is essential. Just like other social networking sites, Pinterest allow you to reflect your personality by creating boards and making comments. Moreover, you can use the products and services you offer in order to create pinnable boards that people will want to follow. You can pin some infographics, if your business is about online marketing. Just use little imagination to start content marketing practice with Pinterest and get great results. is one of the best tools for content marketing. You need to set up a ‘newspaper’, link it to your Facebook profile, and target particular keywords. Once you perform the same will start to generate a daily or weekly newspaper that you can share on your site. If you have an active Facebook account, then people will get the reason to treat you as a resource and your site as a destination.


Marketing with videos is just so hot these days. And you are not supposed to spend huge amount of money and valuable time in order to obtain great content. Just carry your video camera everywhere you go, so that you can record whatever you like and uploaded it to YouTube for free. And then, you can embed it on your blog. You can find the embed code under the ‘share’ button on every YouTube video. Within few minutes you can get interesting content for your blog.

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