Does Good CSS lead to Better SEO?

Nobody in this Internet age is a fan of the word “slow.” Everything in today’s world is based on speed and turn-around time. We as human beings are becoming more and more accustomed to instant gratification.

This is no exception to the tools we use today as well. Most web developers know that browsers like fast paced websites very much – which includes websites that rely heavily on CSS for styling rather than lengthy and gaudy HTML filled pages. However what you may not know as a webmaster or web developer is that CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) will also help you in the SERPs (search engine results pages).


Just like browsers, search engines are very friendly towards websites that load up a lot faster. Having great CSS can help you in one major area of SEO: Getting indexed faster.

This is very important because the first step to rising in the search engines is ultimately getting indexed. The faster you get indexed, the faster your pages have a chance to make it to the top of the rankings.

This may seem a little unsubstantial at first, but when you are uploading many pages, or articles over a long period of time, this will exponentially increase the “age” of each page since it will get indexed faster. The age of a page, article, or any link that you have been doing during link building, is a key concept in the search engine rankings. The older something is, and the longer it has been the more value it has in the eyes of Google.

This is an especially key concept if you have a huge network of websites. It is a highly valuable onsite SEO tool, and with a healthy mix of off-site SEO tactics, it will help you to get to the top of the rankings. This doesn’t include only your CSS, but anything else you can do coding or program wise with things like HTML, JavaScript and PHP – to name a few.


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5 Responses

  1. Good article. One more reason to use good CSS. Reference to PHP misleading as the browser and search engine will never see any PHP, just the HTML it outputs.

  2. Great article, it certainly hits the mark. Less styling information in the html files the better was the rule I was instilled with.

    Great site.

  3. awesome post,

    i didn’t have knowledge that css can help me to achieve better ranking in search engine, That’s great news for me

    Thanks for sharing information

  4. Brent says:

    As a professional SEO expert, I can assure you that css is the absolute last thing that will ever matter. CSS has only to do with cosmetics and can function to arrange layout. Semantically correct xhtml is far more of a concern than css. In fact, I would argue that SEO has absolutely nothing to do with appearance. Your arguing that load time is a factor. This may be true to css, once again, is going to play a very small role in that, perhaps less than any other factors of your website unless it is so heavy that it slows your site to a crawl anyway. If that is the case, then SEO is a secondary concern to design and function.

    • Christian says:

      Speed is SEO factor.

      CSS can decrease loading time.

      = CSS can be good for SEO

      (Not the biggest factor in seo, but that doestn matter as we want to optimize everything)

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