Designing a Jewelry Website that Shines

If you run a website that sells jewelry or fashion accessories for men or women, don’t feel trapped into the same old design that includes a photo of jewelry cases filled with diamonds. There are a number of fresh and original design ideas you can use to make your jewelry site shine brighter than your competitors and draw in more traffic at the same time.

Jewelry in a China Bowl I

Use jewelry to tell the story of your site. For instance, you can use initial necklaces to create your header graphic with the name of the site spelled out in initial charms. Or use chains as dividers between articles. Think of how you might use photos of jewelry to take the place anywhere you might use a design element such as a line, circle or large letter.

Think custom and unique. It’s tempting to take the easy way to design a site and visit other jewelry sites to see how they’ve done theirs. Instead, sit down with a pen and paper, or keyboard, and brainstorm ideas you might could use in your design.

Do you offer a custom piece of jewelry? Could you incorporate that into your layout? What about a line that is exclusively your own… how could that be used? By taking photos of your own products and thinking outside the ring box, you can surely come up with ideas that no one else has considered and that will truly make your site shine.

Let your site express the same feeling your jewelry line does. Do you offer fun, casual pieces or jewelry for kids? Use the same type design in your website. If your collection is more elegant, keep that in mind as well. Whatever the theme and feeling your jewelry evokes, let the same come through as you design a website to showcase your products.

Be sure to include simple, easy-to-follow navigation on every page of your site. Nothing is more frustrating than to get to a web page and not be able to return to the home page of a site, or to see what the shipping policy is with one click. You can take advantage of one of these icon design tutorials to create stylish buttons for your users to navigate with.

And that brings up another aspect of your jewelry website design. Include all the information and answer all the questions that your prospective customers might want. Including your prices, complete contact information (including email), description of products, shipping rates and times, return and refund policies and anything else they might need.

These and other tips for designing a jewelry site can make it a fun experience for you. Just let your imagination run freely and let your creativity shine through in the finished product and you can’t lose.


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