Custom WordPress Theme or Premium Theme – What will you choose?

So, you’re ready with the launch of your WordPress website? If yes, then design and functionality would obviously have been on your mind. Well, it is quite essential for you to decide the visual appearance of your site before making it available for the public. Thanks to the quick availability of WordPress themes, it has become feasible for website owners/developers to tweak the look of their website for good. One confusion that arises here is whether one should opt for a fully customized WordPress theme or fulfill his/her theme updation requirements by purchasing a new premium WordPress theme. If you too are facing such a confusion then reading this blog will help you combat all your doubts.

Custom WordPress theme is your best match if you’re looking for making your site 100% unique

With over 1 billion websites operating over the World Wide Web, it  becomes daunting for individuals/enterprises to find a unique niche. It is here that the role of custom WordPress themes comes to play. With a customized WP theme, you can assure a 100% unique look and feel for your site. Unlike this, in case of premium WordPress themes, you’re bound to choose from a collection of themes that have already been employed in different websites belonging to different people/companies.


Affordability- Premium Themes definitely beat Custom WordPress themes in this

If you’re looking for affordability in revamping the look and functionality of your WordPress website then premium themes are the way to go. The reason for this is that howsoever expensive these themes may be, they usually are priced under $100, making them an affordable deal for all those WordPress site owners who can’t afford to spend loads of cash on employing a new theme into their website.


Bespoke functionality comes with custom WordPress themes, something that’s missing in Premium WordPress themes

Yet another major advantage of a custom WordPress theme is the flexibility of receiving custom functionality. In order to add a specific functionality into your website’s theme, all you need to do is simply inform your theme developer who’ll look into equipping the expected functionalities within the yet-to-be-developed WordPress theme.

Future-proofing is guaranteed with a premium WordPress theme

Unlike the case of a custom WordPress theme, a pre-made one comes with future-proofing. That means, all the renowned premium WordPress themes are equipped with seamless support, regular updates, troubleshooting etc. This is something that the custom WordPress theme lacks in. You actually can’t be sure about receiving a good after project-delivery support if you’ve chosen to hire someone for creating a custom WordPress theme for your website.

When it comes to coding- Custom themes emerge as a winner

There’s no denying of the fact that premium WordPress themes contain bug-loaded code, which may actually slow down your website as a whole. On the contrary, custom WordPress themes come with a cleaner code that makes your website fully-functional and renders developers an ultimate flexibility of performing the required moderations in terms of design, features and functionality.

Premium WordPress themes lower the website security risks


Since Premium themes come with premium features, you can definitely rest assured about the complete security of your WordPress website. You can stay safe from the traps made by hackers. As all premium WordPress themes come from a trusted source, the chances of facing a security breach become null and void. Thus, as compared to the custom WordPress themes, the ones available for a specific price are much more safe and free from bugs. I would recommend you to download your premium WordPress themes only from a trusted source because doing it from a haywire source will probably leave you with an infected theme for your WordPress website.


Hope after getting a clear idea about the pros and cons of custom and premium WordPress themes, you’d have got all geared up for choosing a theme that would enrich your WordPress website with features that are both overwhelming as well as visually appealing.  So, what are you waiting for? Get going now and choose either the custom WordPress theme or a pre-made one for adding a flawless tint of professionalism into your WordPress website. Before making a choice, don’t forget to analyze your requirements and expectations to the fullest.

Jason Roiz is qualified outsource web development professional who is great at delivering focus in his writings. He meets expectations for OSSMedia, a CMS development company giving proficient WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento improvement administrations.


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